Sativa Keeping You Awake at Night?

Sativa Keeping You Awake

Cannabis has a wide range of side effects on sleep but cannot help us fall asleep faster.

However, certain strands will leave you wide awake for a while, especially during the night.

A Must-Read: Sativa Keeping You Awake at Night?

Will Sativa keep me awake at night? Sativa is a cannabis strain that promotes brain activity rather than relaxation. Depending on your body’s dosage, Sativa can keep you awake at night.

Learn more about cannabis Sativa as you read through this article.

Cannabis Sativa and Sleep

Cannabis Sativa, unlike cannabis Indica, is more of an energizing variety of marijuana. Sativa plants are larger than Indica plants.

Their heads are often longer and less dense.

They do not grow at the base of the node. Instead, they grow on a tree branch.

Sativa is more of a brain energizer than a brain relaxer. It will give you a more active feeling.

However, it will also give you a hard time sleeping. Sativa strains act more on the mind and can be somewhat psychedelic.

They will recharge your energy and let you be more creative.

The use of cannabis Sativa is best advised for daytime or when you have to attend social gatherings.

It is a great way to get a blissful feeling to help you socialize more than usual.

Potential Uses for Sativa

Patients struggling with social anxiety and brain productivity often use cannabis Sativa.

This strain has a higher concentration of THCV compared to the other known strains of cannabis.

This strand promotes not only brain activity but also a healthy appetite.

It is a great way to improve your eating habits because it will naturally encourage your body to have a healthier composition.

Cannabis Sativa is sometimes used to alleviate discomfort and aid people in dealing with tension.

Other users of this strand have testified that they live an everyday and happy life compared to the past.

Sativa Strains

Several strains of cannabis Sativa have been discovered and are available today.

Yet, not all of the strains are popularly used. The following are some of the most popular Sativa strains.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, otherwise known as “Sour D,” offers 19% THC and a stimulating and dreamy cerebral effect.

It is the most popular choice among medicinal users of marijuana plants.

It is widely used by patients wishing to manage discomfort and bipolar disorders.

Amnesia Haze

This is a Sativa strain that has up to 25% THC. It is known for producing more extended body relaxation and a clearer mind.

This strand is beneficial for dealing with mood issues and tension.

Amnesia Haze has been the favorite strand for personal growers because it can produce excellent flower yields.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is the most classic strain of Cannabis Sativa. It spreads from the sun-drenched beaches of Hawaii to cannabis dispensaries everywhere.

This strand has 18% THC with a sweet pineapple flavor.

It promotes feelings of motivation, creativity, and adrenaline rush.


Tangerine Dream, Tangie Dream, or Tangie has 17% THC and is among the most familiar Sativa strains.

It has a soothing tangerine aroma with the perfect mixture of relaxation and euphoria.


Sativa can keep you awake at night, but this will depend on your personal needs. If you’re looking for a strand of cannabis to help you sleep better at night, you can use cannabis Indica.

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