Which Cannabis Plants Bud and Revealing Their Gender

Do Male Plants Bud?

Male cannabis plants do not have the best reputation. As a matter of fact, most growers tend to determine their sex early on so that they can toss them out as soon as possible.

This is because they can pollinate female cannabis plants very easily. But truth be told, male cannabis does not deserve this bad image, as it has a wide variety of uses.

Do male plants bud? The answer is no. Male cannabis does not produce buds. However, if you are looking for cannabinoids, you can find it in the flowers, leaves, and stems.

Find out more about the marijuana life cycle and genders in this article.

This information will help you produce the best and highest-quality cannabis end product. Let’s get into it.

Marijuana Life Stages and Genders

Beginners may be surprised to learn that the marijuana plant comes in both female and male genders.

Sex matters, especially to growers. This is because only the female plants can produce buds.

Regular marijuana seeds have a 50-50 chance of having male and female genders.

This means that you can grow a female cannabis plant in one of your growing rooms, and then in the other one, you can grow your personal garden.

Revealing Their Gender

Cannabis plants go through various stages throughout their lives: the vegetative stage and the flowering stage.

The vegetative stage is considered “childhood” because the plant is focusing only on growing bigger and taller.

At this point, gender does not matter because you won’t be able to determine what the gender is.

Once the plant reaches about six weeks old, it will show signs of pre-flowers, giving you an idea of what gender your plant might be.

When a plant reaches the flowering stage, it will stop growing and instead expend its effort into producing flowers, called buds.

The flowering stage is known as the adult stage of any cannabis plant. However, as you can probably tell, only the female plants can produce buds.

Why Keep Your Male Cannabis Plants?

Though they cannot produce buds, male cannabis plants have plenty of uses, from breeding new strains to becoming a component of your very own healthy cannabis-based drinks.

Eliminating male cannabis as a whole poses a great risk when it comes to healthy diversity.


It is important to know that marijuana gender and sex are important, depending on the end product you are pursuing.

This is a key factor in being able to continue production and produce more cannabis plants.

By keeping male cannabis plants, you are helping to support cannabis’s continued genetic survival in the long run.

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