Night Terror OG: Explained

Night Terror

Regardless if you are new to using cannabis or a seasoned user, you probably get teased a lot and experiment with lots of strains available.

While Indica and Sativa are the two most known strains of cannabis, the range you can try is more than you can imagine. Each strain has its own different flavor and effect, which means you will have a different experience depending on the strain you try.

What strain is a night terror? Night terror OG is a calming Indica marijuana strain made by crossing Blue Dream using Rare Dankness. This strain is known to produce effects that are buzzy, tingly, and very relaxing. As a result, this is an ideal medication for people to melt away their stress.

Today’s post will give you more detailed information regarding the Night Terror OG and what it means to take this strain for beginners.

The Definition Of Strains

It is essential to be aware of the cannabis history as cannabis is thought to have originated in Central Asia when it comes to strains.

Over the course of history, the plant traveled around the world, where it was planted and cultivated properly. During these times, plants acclimated to their new environment, resulting in physical and chemical properties changes.

These particular plants that developed differently became recognized as landrace strains.

People started experimenting with these landraces and then crossbred different male and female plants as time passed.

For this reason, many growers were able to produce various kinds of strains, which gave birth to the ever-growing variety of cannabis you enjoy today.

Night Terror OG: Explained

Night terror OG, most commonly known as a night terror, is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines Blue Dream and Rare Dankness.

Despite the name of this particular cannabis strain, this flower is known to help people to sleep. Night Terror OG gives off a fragrant floral aroma, giving a lot of people this pleasing feeling.

Many people try to buy a strain bred from Blue Dream, a daytime strain with a notorious heady high. That is exactly why many cannabis growers and users blindly order online without proper research.

According to Night Terror’s breeder, Rare Dankness usually leans towards heavy Kush and OG styles. For this reason, many individuals use it for their nighttime sessions.

Adding more weird stuff into the mix is that many Night Terror OG is mostly labeled as an Indica online and can get relaxing benefits from it.

However, both House of Dankness budtenders can agree that the strain sways more toward daytime use. This particular loss of energy becomes quickly when mixed up with a cup of coffee. It leads to a lot of listless Internet surfing and wandering around the house for a joint.

Here are some characteristics you can find when dealing with Night Terror OG in different subsidiaries. You can spot them at Colorado Harvest Company, House of Dankness, and Life Flower Dispensary in Denver.


Night Terror OG features some occasional light spots of purple and dark-purple fan leaves.

These are known to be chunky, large buds dominated by unclear lime green that should warn you of an upcoming head buzz. These are commonly compared to some brights spots found in many poisonous tree frogs.


Night Terror OG is not known to have an overpowering smell. Its scent actually showcases a thick, syrupy taste of blueberries.

When you break apart nugs of this joint, you will smell subtle, floral notes just like a spray of rosewater and dry hints of rubber and pine.


In terms of flavor, you can expect Night Terror, as scary as they sound, to give you a floral, rosy flavor.

It comes with dry, rubber notes that sort of wrap around the tongue before you get the hint of blueberries dancing on your tastebuds. It lingers the taste of some juniper and pine as well.


Night Terror IG is considered one of the most relaxing strains, but it is skewed toward the racy and disoriented end.

The hazy energy is long-lasting but be mindful that the comedown may be limited. It is why it is a strong voice if you are planning to have some outdoor activities.

Home Grower’s Take

Many home flower’s take-ups on Night Terror can be summed up into one experience. It helped them keep around for another three runs.

It took a little long for them to bloom fully, but these cannabis plants were easy to manipulate, and that makes it okay to add some extra time.

Many Night Terror can shoot up in the middle weeks, which can be surprising to some growers. Not to mention the high, which is way more Somati Taxi Ride than a strong OG.

The Description Of A Night Terror OG

Night Terror OG combines Blue Dream and one of the Rare Dankness’s self-titled OG phenotypes. For this particular hybrid, you can call this one a Rare Dankness #1.

Rare Dankness actually categorizes this combination under their Kush section. It is described to have a light blueberry taste when inhaling and then the classic OG when exhaled.

Most of the Night Terror OG profile appears to be largely blueberries blown out of the outer region. These blueberries are known to be dark, monstrously dark, and can occupy much of their profile.

As a result, it leaves no room for major OG notes or mid-rang kush notes in the mix. As a whole, you can expect that it pronounces lower deep blues, familiar to blueberries but obviously alienated.

This variety is somehow suggestive regarding this strain’s name, Night Terror OG, which is actually particular. Many cannabis users and growers were attracted to it, and when they saw the genetic lineage, they were sold.

Somehow it sounds like this is the type of marketing for when you see a perfume or other cosmetic products. It heavily features target audiences that are suffering from night terrors or insomnia in general.

If you plan to grow it once, the variety grew like a hybrid that is not saying much. You will notice that it didn’t really grow very tall, and it barely made it above your trellis.

Some plants grow differently from other strains of cannabis plants, so you can really expect the unexpected with this strain of cannabis.

Finding Which Cannabis Strain To Try

When it comes to cannabis strain, there are plenty of options to choose from, but before diving into it, you still need to know a few criteria if you ever want to consider selecting a specific strain:

  1. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the flavor and aroma, as the strain’s terpene profile can produce a subtle or intense flavor and aroma. According to your personal preference, you can choose a strain that provides the level of intensity that you are looking for.

  2. Next is the desired effect, as everyone reacts differently when it comes to cannabis plants. There is also no guarantee that the strain will produce any particular effect, but you can try strains with a cannabinoid and terpene profile.

    This way, it is most likely to produce a kind of intoxicating effect that would make sense to go with something with higher THC content. If you are looking for a more relaxing experience, you can try a strain with linalool, which has stress-relieving properties.

  3. Potency is another thing you need to consider, and depending on the concentration of cannabinoids, some strains are more potent than others. When choosing the best strain for you, the level of potency can help you decide which you can try on. If you are looking for some intense high, try something more potent.

  4. The growing method is also essential in picking your strain as some people prefer weed that is grown in or outdoors. If you are among these people, you will want to try strains aligned with your personal taste.

  5. Another thing to consider is the bonus of medical benefits that you can get in most cannabis plants. Depending on the strain’s cannabinoid, it could have some medicinal properties. If you are considering using cannabis as a treatment for your medical condition, you can talk to your medical professional in order for them to help you find the best ones.


In conclusion, when it comes to picking the best cannabis strain, there is no one-size-fits-all application. Aside from that, there is a wide range of cannabis strains to choose from, these strains completely vary, and other people might fall flat for you and vice versa when it comes to their favorite strain.

Night Terror OG is among the best out there to try if you are looking for some good strain that will give you the high but at the same time some healthy benefits during the night. If you think that this cannabis strain fits your needs, give it a try!

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