The Different Strains That Makes You Laugh

Strains That Will Make You Laugh

THC is absorbed by the blood and transported to the brain, where it interacts with cannabinoid receptors. It stimulates the secretion of endorphins and dopamine in the brain by activating the mesolimbic system.

Dopamine is a pleasure and reward neurotransmitter that aids in attention and promotes feelings of euphoria.

What strain makes you laugh the most? Sunset Sherbet, Dutch Treat, Blue Dream, Dutch Treat, and Blackberry Kush are the few strains to make you laugh. Marijuana, on the other hand, has various effects on different people. Some people can never have pornographic laughter fits like in a film.

Do you feel a little down or out of sorts? If you’re upset due to bad weather or whatever reason, cannabis can help. Here are cannabis strains that will make you laugh and put you in a rosy, warm mood.

The Different Strains

As the week begins and the weekend slips away, the prospect of the coming week’s work may be depressing. However, just because you have a lot on your plate or are having trouble finding a laugh doesn’t mean you must be solemn.

Some stresses will place you in a light and joyful mood at any time of day. Some strains are more likely to make you laugh than others.


Sativa strains are commonly smoked in the morning or early in the evening. They can awaken the mind and raise spirits. Also, Sativa strains stimulate the mind and have a head high.

Pick up some Laughing Buddha if you want to start your day with a smile. Laughing Buddha is a strain that can make you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Its sweet flavor will put you in a good mood.

Cinex is a Sativa strain that can make you laugh out loud. This strain is more powerful than most, and it is sure to put a smile on your face. Pick up some Cinex if you want to spend your time feeling relaxed and smiling.

Smoking during the day will take the monotony out of mundane everyday tasks. Sativa strains will make you feel relaxed and uplifted.

1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most well-known Sativa, and rightly so. One of the best-tasting cigarettes on the market is this fragrant flower. Below are a few more Sativa strains that will lighten up your mood:

It is ideal for long days spent indoors when it’s too cold to go outside. Aside from that, it goes well with board games, movies, and snuggling with a loved one.

It is one of those strains that can make you laugh uncontrollably in almost every circumstance. It will make you feel good.

You’ll want to share this strain with your mates. It has a delicious blueberry taste that will please everyone in the joint.

2. Sativa Dream

Sativa Dream is a Sativa strain that produces big, resinous buds. It has an amazing taste that reminds me of pure honey, making it one of the most delicious Sativa available.

It’s a strong, euphoric strain that’ll leave you feeling energized, joyful, uplifted, and giddy. This strain can make you laugh out loud.

Sativa Dream is ideal for social gatherings. It’s perfect for weekends, reunions, or simply sharing thoughts with your closest friends. You will enjoy its citrusy and sweet flavors, making this one of your favorite strains.

You’ll find this strain therapeutic, just like the rest of the songs on our list. It’s beneficial for stress, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.


Nothing beats a good laugh to relieve the stress of the day. Indica strains are ideal for allowing your body to relax and your mind to be free of worries.

Church OG is a cross between OG Kush and God’s Gift. This heavy Indica will relax your body and allow you to relax and enjoy the evening. You’ll spend the night laughing at your jokes if you sit with some friends and smoke a joint of Church OG.

Pick up some Domino if you want to fall asleep with a grin on your face and giggles in your head. This strain is ideal for you.

1. Blackberry Kush

The Indica Blackberry Kush is known for its distinct purple coloration and exotic flavor. Many people who have tried it rave about how delicious the tangy, fruity flavor is.

In only one stroke, the mind is transported to a world of limitless possibilities. You’ll be conversing with houseplants and practicing kung-fu in the living room.

It is a rather social strain that can make any kickback more interesting. It is perfect for cold weather because of its thick body, which acts as an extra layer of warmth.

2. Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf is a pure Indica strain with a short flowering time that will provide you with incredible relaxation. It contains 16 percent THC, which will leave you feeling euphoric, aroused, and tingly all day.

You’ll find yourself laughing and giggling at almost everything you see rather than having a typical dull day.

This strain is also sedative and can be used to treat insomnia and sleeplessness. You can take Maple Leaf at night to wind down after a long day. You can have it during the weekends when you have more time to relax, nap, or catch up on sleep.


The flexibility of a hybrid strain is one of its best features. It’s a strain that can be used at any time of day or night, and its results are guaranteed to be consistent.

Do you want to relax, close the blinds, and get away for a while? Take your time getting ready for the movie. Then get some Pineapple Express strains and watch the movie! This pressure will help you relax and laugh by putting your mind and body at ease.

Chem Dawg is a well-known strain that is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It is a powerful strain that stands out, and it is a popular strain among daily smokers. This hybrid strain will relax you and allow your mind to wander.

Laughter has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. A hybrid strain would undoubtedly relieve the stress.

Below are a few more hybrid strains that will lighten up your mood:

1. Sunset Sherbet

Enjoy the comforting glow of this incredible bud, a potent Indica-leaning cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. When inhaled for the first time, this strain is known to produce extreme relaxation and a deep body buzz almost instantly.

Feel the true essence of Sunset Sherbet!. You will eventually encounter mind-blowing psychedelic effects that will take your brain on an uplifting cerebral journey.

It is one to try the next time you come across some in a dispensary. Get ready for a few hours of laughter.

2. Dutch Treat

This sweet-smelling hybrid comes from Amsterdam, one of the world’s most important centers of cannabis culture. Its super sticky bud is known to have a soothing effect on those who consume it.

It is followed by a positive feeling that spreads throughout the body and immediately improves the mood. This pressure is also perfect for insomnia, as it will bring you to sleep eventually.

But this will make you crave and search the fridge to relieve a severe case of munchies.

3.    Doctor Jamaica

In the 1980s, this balanced hybrid cannabis strain was known as California Orange. The taste and scent of this strain will hook you right away. It also has the ideal scent blend, with delicious orange and citrus notes.

The Doctor’s power, however, lies in its ability to stimulate users. THC levels range from 15% to 20%, making it a good strain to try for beginners.

It is both motivating and calming, and it will keep you grounded, content, centered, and social. It’s also a giddy strain, as you’ll find yourself laughing at nearly everything you see or hear.

Doctor Jamaica, like the majority of the strains on our list, is a therapeutic strain. It can help with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, stress, and physical ailments like pain.

A dose of this combination strain will help with migraines, headaches, muscle pains, and joint pains.

Why Does Weed Make You Laugh?

It’s a scientific fact that after you smoke weed, almost everything is funnier. That isn’t to say that lighting up alters your sense of humor.

The way cannabis communicates with and affects key parts of your brain after it reaches your system has a lot to do with what makes you laugh when you’re high.

Cannabis consumption enhances blood flow to key brain areas, some of which are associated with laughter.

When you smoke or eat edibles, it leaves an impression on your brain in various ways. The best part of the response is that it improves your overall mood. As a result, it makes you laugh more.

Changes in blood flow patterns are less significant than the release of neurotransmitters. It occurs when cannabinoids like THC and CBD bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

Different types of peaks, such as head and body highs, are unlocked by these receptors. There isn’t much study into how and why these chemicals affect your brain. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they do.

THC binds to cannabinoid receptors, stimulating the mesolimbic system. It makes the brain release dopamine and endorphins, the same chemicals released when you’re in love or after a very strenuous workout.

You’re going to be extremely satisfied. And laughter is a primary indicator of contentment.


The strains on this list will not only make you laugh, but you’ll find this strain therapeutic. You may use it to treat nausea, chronic pain, migraines, and joint pain, among other mental and physical problems. It’s beneficial for stress, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.

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