Crossing State Lines with Pot Might Be A Federal Crime: Be Careful

Crossing State Lines with Pot

Marijuana has been either legalized or decriminalized in a variety of states. More and more individuals are engaged in developing, selling, producing, and exporting this precious plant.

The range of laws and regulations is very relevant, so be mindful of its usage, distribution, and care.

Can you go to jail for crossing state lines with pot? Federal criminal action could arise from the shipment of marijuana across state lines. The punishment depends on the quantity transported and whether it is the first or second crime of the offender.

Are you planning to travel with marijuana? I will discuss things you need to remember if you plan to cross states carrying it.

Rules for the Road Regarding Marijuana

Cars will be the mode of travel during the holiday weekend for the vast majority of people. One can travel with up to one ounce of cannabis in most legal marijuana states.

However, most states require that you keep it in a jar that is locked and inaccessible to the driver.

Pack less than an ounce, put it in a sealed container, and put it in your trunk. An open baggie on the passenger seat is not the wisest course of action.

Marijuana Transport State Laws

If you plan to transport marijuana in any way, you will want to know the state laws.

The material is regarded and perceived differently by each state. For instance, in California, medicinal marijuana use has been decriminalized.

This means that you can legally use small quantities of the plant only under certain conditions or for medical purposes.

Marijuana, however, has been recently legalized in Colorado. You can use it as you see fit, and you do not need to get a prescription. But always abide by current laws, such as being over 21 years of age.

The laws regarding marijuana state transportation are as follows:

  • When marijuana is not lawful for possession in a particular state under any conditions. The law follows that it would still be illegal to move it. Let the local authorities decide which rules apply to you to ensure consistency with state governance.

  • If marijuana is legal for use in a particular jurisdiction. Strict laws and procedures that regulate its transport are likely to be in effect for that state. It may be transportable only with a prescription or from authorized authorities, in limited quantities.

    It also may be the case that to lawfully transport it, you would need a marijuana-related business license.

Marijuana Transport Federal Laws

Regarding transportation across state boundaries or national boundaries, federal regulations will apply to you.

Although laws vary from state to state, marijuana is still an unlawful drug to cultivate, sell, or ship.

These contemplating marijuana transportation where the federal statute is concerned face the prospect of litigation and law enforcement.

The following will determine whether or not you are subject to federal charges:

  1. The quantity of weed you possess
  2. The strain
  3. The intended use

It is called drug dealing to transport marijuana across state borders or within countries. This can go hand in hand with hefty fines or prison time.

It refers to a person or organization—irrespective of whether you are operating a registered or accredited company related to marijuana.

It also refers to people living in states where it is lawful, prohibited, or decriminalized to use marijuana.

In situations that may concern the federal government, it is best to stop the transportation of marijuana (unless, of course, the federal legislation changes to include state-to-state or country-to-country travel).

Tips When Travelling with Marijuana

On the Road

1. Do not smoke in the car

It may be a complete buzzkill, but I suggest that you not smoke in the car. Smoking, and even vaping, is a dead giveaway when you drive.

Even though you’re no longer high, there would still be a residual cigarette smell. Police officers have trained nostrils that can detect the leftover smell of marijuana, so they will still smell it.

Driving high is not nearly as dangerous as driving drunk. However, it is important to remember that your response speeds are slower when you are stoned. Your peripheral vision is reduced, and your ability to multi-task is impeded.

You may think of yourself as a great driver even when you are high. You don’t drive over a cliff, but you’re not exactly eager to compete in Formula 1, either. The recognition of disability potential goes a long way.

2. Use a stash case

Keep your car free of paper, pipes, and roaches. Snag a stash bag or case that is odor-proof. This stylish smoking kit holds all of your essentials in one place.

The outdoor-grade zipper keeps the stash smell-proof, and the durable exterior saves the smoking accessories from road bumps.

I highly suggest that you use a stash case. Without a doubt, it is the safest place to keep your smoking materials, regardless of where you go.

3. Keep that stash under an ounce

If you have a chronic duffle bag in the car, odds are you’re going to have some explaining to do. The ordinary Joe can’t just cart around pounds of kush, except in states where marijuana is legal.

Community service turns into hard prison time while possession jumps to delivery. If it can’t be stopped at all, a great rule of thumb is to keep your stash under an ounce.

4. Keep the flower in the trunk

Hide the plant in your trunk. Why? Consider the distinction between a DUI and a mere possession fee.

If you can’t hit it from the driver’s seat, you certainly didn’t smoke while driving. In the car, keep the stash, know your rights, and play it casually.

When Flying

1. Hiding your marijuana

Do not hide it in the luggage you will be checking in. One theory is that the TSA does random checks on checked baggage all the time.

Do you want to waste your entire flight freaking out?

You will probably be thinking that guys with The Matrix sunglasses will be waiting for you. Carry-on bags are likely to go unsearched, so long as you’re not too obvious.

Don’t overthink how to hide it. Typically, the safest, most effective lies are those that deviate as little from the facts as practicable.

Complex yarns not only require you to monitor unintuitive things that your mind makes up, but are also almost certainly less plausible.

In the same way, you tend to skew more in plain sight than in a jar of peanut butter.

This hack will give you more time to get your eighth through screening to hold it in your pocket.

It is way better than stuffing it into the spread of merkts cheese.

2. Sneaking your marijuana

Weed is a nondescript blur for TSA scanners. Place it in a cigarette bag if you have a few spare cigarettes.

Then put the cigarette pack anywhere you would usually put it.

One Thrillist author has considered this technique to be the way to go for buds:

  • Empty every invisible bottle of over-the-counter medication, such as Ibuprofen.
  • Place it in with the herb.
  • Place the herb on top of some cotton balls.
  • Place cotton balls on top of the pills until they’re full.
  • Insert a baggie in your shoe if you have the TSA precheck.

The focus of the TSA is on terrorism and security threats to aircraft and passengers.

Security-focused TSA screening techniques regulated by federal legislation are meant to identify possible risks to aviation and travelers.

Once an officer finds an object that could break the law, the TSA refers the matter to law enforcement.

Officials from law enforcement decide whether to launch a police investigation.


Edibles are by far the safest to fly with. Gummies can be put into an empty bag of Haribo gummy bears.

Shatter and wax can be put in one of those strange packets of honey sweets, and so on.

When they check for your tweezers or something else you failed to take out, the safety guard will keep going.

That takes you to a very critical point: Make sure that everything in your bag complies with everything else.

What does the TSA look for? Mainly explosives! And liquid bombs after that! Don’t tempt fate by attracting security with some kind of liquid in your bags.


The tips you have read are just for informational purposes, and I do not suggest that you follow them.

Marijuana legalization is going down the correct road, but there is a long way to go toward complete legalization.

Stipulations on shipping marijuana across the state or international borders may also come with complete legalization.

Although you can minimize the risks, even moving cannabis from one lawful state to another can place you at risk.

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