This Is Why Dispensaries Track Who Buys Recreational Marijuana

Dispensaries Keeping Track Of Your Purchases

You might have noticed that although many cannabis is legal, shopping and buying one for yourself is a radius matter.

It is not the same as going to the liquor store, and many dispensaries are strictly regulated and scrutinized by the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

For this reason, people who plan to buy marijuana for the first time and even those who are used to buying from dispensaries are wondering if they keep track of how much people buy per visit.

Do dispensaries keep track of how much you buy? Yes, but beyond enforcing a purchasing limit at the point of sale, most dispensaries do not care. It is also one way to know what customers like when you come back. The only limits are what you are allowed to carry when you are out.

This article will focus mainly on the discussion on why dispensaries track records on who buys their products. It is also essential to know some things that are important when entering a dispensary in your area.

Dispensaries Tracking Who Buys Recreational Marijuana

People might be taken aback when they found out that some dispensaries track who buys recreational marijuana.

It is somehow true and not in the wrong way that you might think of, as you probably noticed that they are collecting information from you. It includes your name, address, and date of birth, and this might become suspicious for a first-timer customer.

Usually, the employees will often ask you for your ID to ensure that you are at the right age, which is the same as buying alcohol.

The gathering of information for tracking who buys recreational marijuana is a protocol sent by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. It is not to brand you as a criminal or heavy abuser of marijuana because it is still a federal offense to use it.

Ease Up The Paranoia

If you think about it, they are not racking you down per se, and if you go into most dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana, you will have to present an ID.

Your driver’s license or state ID will get swiped if you decide to buy some green in this dispensary. Some businesses won’t even let you gain entry to their business showrooms without scanning your ID first.

Confusion Over Scanning IDs

If they are not tracking the fact that you are using marijuana for fun and then reporting to the state government, what is its purpose?

It is simply hard to get a straight answer, and there are some beliefs that those selling recreational marijuana are not clear on this fact. Some business owners have companies in other states requiring an ID, but it is not in some states.

As a result, many dispensaries, whether required or not, are asking for some IDs. It is to know if you are of the right age. When a few other company owners were asked for details, they only said that these questions had to be directed to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency.

The Presence Of METRC

Believe it or not, the state already keeps track of all the recreational sales data through a tracking system called METRC. It keeps track of time, location of the sales, quantity, price, and product type.

METRC does not dabble in personal information, but when the state looks at METRC, they see each transaction and what was sold. The only information that you will get is that it sys customer, nothing personal.

Mostly For Marketing Purposes

Last but not least, the purpose why most dispensaries keep track of how much you buy marijuana or any cannabis products is due to marketing purposes.

Many workers in many dispensaries usually ask for names and addresses for customer service and marketing strategy.

They are clear on this as they do not record IDs or share this personal information with the state. It is the same information that some of the retail stores collect, and after all, those email lists are gold mines.

Dispensaries might be tracking you when you buy cannabis, but not for the reasons you may think. At least from a dispensary standpoint, this is not entirely true, and if you are interested in making a purchase, go and get some.

Rest assured that your personal information and rights to privacy will always be upheld.

Things To Know When You Are New To Dispensaries

Dispensaries might become overwhelming at first, especially if this is your first time going into one. It is vital to point out that there are certain things that you should be wary of and be informed about before you even set foot in one dispensary.

Even though there are states that have legalized cannabis use, there is still inequality that continues. Here are among the things that you should know when you are about to enter a dispensary:

Employees Asking Lots Of Questions

The first thing you’ll notice is that your budtender will want to know why you are there and what your goal with cannabis is. It would help if you were at least prepared for an answer.

But, there is nothing to worry about as there are no right or wrong answers. They want to help you out and pick the best for you.

There are many infinite numbers of strains out there, so you will be surprised that there might be some detailed conversation with your budtender. You can pick a poolside weed, concert weed, will you be drinking too, or how anxious will you be in a crowd of people.

When people come in, they usually ask for something, and they describe the kind of experience they want to try.

Believe it or not, there are so many variations in the spectrum, so whether you are a total newbie or more experienced. Pondering these questions will help you to figure out the kind of experience you want to try.

Expect to be asked if you want to be relaxed or uplifted and how energetic you want. Being energetic has different variations like clean energy while feeling out and about, or if you want to be more relaxed.

There are also some experiences where people look for something even heavier to help them get to sleep.

Be Honest And Ask A Lot Of Questions Too

When you first arrive at the dispensary, do not be afraid and honest with the employee you are asking questions with. Make sure you prepare a lot of questions, and they will be happy to assist you and answer you with the best ability they can.

The goal is to make sure that everybody is prepared with information as much as they can. If you happen to have a question, no matter how simple it is, feel free to ask.

Most budtenders are trained to answer them, and it is their job to do so, and you can pretty much go straight to the dispensary. Just be mindful that you need to call ahead to set your appointment if you are looking for some consultation and needed privacy.

Most newbies that enter dispensaries have a lot of questions, and that is perfectly normal. You wish to learn as many things as you can before you partake in this journey.

The Paperwork And Required ID For Verification

Knowing what type of ID you should bring and other paperwork is essential when you decide to visit any dispensary. It might feel like something you do in a regular business, but this is actually vital. Different states also have different laws about the process, so it might be challenging to figure this out beforehand.

For instance, in Las Vegas, you need to have a government-issued state ID and at least be 21 years of age.

Suppose you are a medical patient, meaning you are registered in your state to legally consume cannabis to help you with your medical condition. In that case, you will need a particular ID or paperwork that reflects your status.

First, you should find out what forms of payment your chosen dispensary will be. Usually, they will always accept cash, so you might need to get some before even going to a dispensary.

It is still considered that cannabis is illegal at the federal level, so it can be quite a challenge when it comes to payment for banks. For the time being, many stores are only accepting cash, but some have some loopholes that allow them to take credit and debit cards.


To conclude, with the ever-growing cannabis business, it is understandable that people will come to many dispensaries looking for relief. If you have a medical card for an approved reason, your doctor will be able to suggest something specific.

Just be aware that these dispensaries are collecting information for their marketing purposes and not to track you. They also set some limitations that are aligned with the rules and protocols that the MRA is enforcing.

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