This Is How Long It Takes A Marijuana Plant To Mature

How Long Does a Marijuana Plant Take to Fully Grow?

We can all agree that the most rewarding part of cultivating cannabis is the harvest. After all the hard work and attention you gave to the plants, finally it’s time to reap the benefits. However, to ensure quality, one must harvest the flowers at the right time.

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How long does a marijuana plant take to fully grow? There’s no exact answer to this. Several factors affect the growth of marijuana, such as your setup and how big you want it to be. But some things will be visible once a plant is fully grown.

Phases of the Growing Cycle

Before you can identify fully grown marijuana, you must have basic knowledge of how it grows and develops.


The first phase is germination. Some growers tend to forget the importance of this first phase. If you do not perform this phase correctly, there’s a big chance that you will produce low-quality marijuana.


The start of this phase will depend on the growth period. At times, 60 days after germination, your cannabis might still look small and weak.


Flowering is the last phase of marijuana growth. You may think that this stage is the breather amongst the phases, but it’s not. This stage will require more attention than the earlier ones.

Fully Grown and Ready-to-Harvest Cannabis

After months of caring for and investing time in your plants, harvest time arrives. I will discuss the signs you must watch out for in both the macro and micro levels of the flowers.

Fan Leaves Will Be Yellowish

The fan leaves are large and wide, which serves as an energy-forming solar panel for cannabis. When the plant becomes loaded with flowers, the fan leaves will start to turn a yellowish color.

This signifies that the plant is fully grown and will soon be ready for harvest.

Pistils Are Turning Red

Pistils are the hair-like structures in cannabis flowers. These emerge from the calyx and can be easily spotted. In their early stage, pistils are white; later, they turn red, brown, and orange.

If most of the pistils are not red, give the plant more time to develop. This means that the plant is not fully grown and cannot be harvested just yet.

You can begin trimming the flowers if the majority of the pistils have turned dark red.

Trichomes Are Turning Milky White

Trichomes produce a valuable resin that contains cannabinoids and terpenes. They are minute mushroom-shaped glands occupying the sugar leaves and flowers.

During the early stage, trichomes have a crystal-like look that can be seen by using magnifying tools. As the plant mature, trichomes will have a more cloudy-like view from a microscope. 


No one can provide a definite answer to this question because marijuana matures and develops depending on several factors. It could take 14 weeks to 8 months for some plants to mature and be ready for harvest.

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