Is Marijuana A Flower, Weed or Plant?

Is Marijuana a Flower?

A lot of people can recognize marijuana. It comes in many forms, and it is used in the field of medicine to cure people of their respective ailments. It can be used to treat some spiritual issues, too. A lot of people have been using it for centuries, yet there is still confusion as to whether it is a flower.

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Is marijuana a flower? Yes, marijuana is a flower. However, it is considered to be an unusual sort of flower. Most flowers have both pistils and stamens, which are both female and male parts. Marijuana has all of these in its composition.

In this short read, you will get an idea of what makes marijuana a flower in terms of its parts, anatomy, and capabilities.

Marijuana as a Flower

There are so many contradictions about marijuana as a flower. Some say that it is a flower, while others claim that it is a flowering plant. Like most flowers, marijuana tends to be complete and dioecious.

This means that each flower has both pistils and stamens, and tends to have petals, or at least petal-like structures such as colorful and enlarged bracts.

If you want to have an absolute answer to this question, you might want to look at the anatomy and history of marijuana.

A lot of people consider it to be a flower because of its physical attributes. Marijuana consists of tissues, roots, stems, leaves, and petals.

The Anatomy of Marijuana

Cannabis is known to have separate male and female flowers. Most hemp is incomplete dioecious, which means one plant contains both sexes.

A lot of people are striving to keep marijuana monoecious, which means there are separate male and female plants.

There are plenty of reasons behind this, but the main reason is that the actual marijuana plant consists of the dried and trimmed flowers of the female plant.

Determining which one is the female plant is very easy to do. They usually consist of a petal-free calyx that has two pistils, most commonly referred to as hairs. These tiny pods are empty when unfertilized.

However, when they pollinate, a seed will grow inside the bracts which develop from the initial calyx.

They grow in clusters whose structure density and other details vary depending on genetics.

This is why they are considered flowers, as these collective inflorescences are the buds or flowers, compound flowers.


Overall, it is widely considered that marijuana is a flower, which explains the traits that it possesses.

For instance, you can easily identify marijuana by its strong smell. Cannabis is generally known to be a smelly plant, but the smelly ones are females in full bloom.

This is one of the many reasons why cannabis or marijuana is so smooth to smoke. Compare the experience of smoking marijuana to the experience of smoking other leaves and you will see a big difference.

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