This Is How Much A Master Marijuana Grower Makes

Master Marijuana Growers

The marijuana business is getting more popular as many people try to get their hands on their first-ever marijuana.

This is because the cannabis plant has gained a more broad societal acceptance, whether recreational or medical. Many people are trying to find ways to get in the business and do this as their career choice.

How much do master marijuana growers make? A master grower can have an annual average salary of $120,000. You can expect to earn this amount when you are a master grower at an industrial cannabis farm in the United States.

This article will discuss the money involved when you are a master grower in an industrial cannabis farm. In this article, you can also see the different comparisons of what you can earn in different cannabis professions you want to try.

How Much Does A Master Grower Make?

If you think you are ready, mentally and physically, to become a master grower and step into the grow operation spotlight, you need to understand a few pointers first.

One crucial piece of information you need is how exactly you can expect to earn it at the top of marijuana’s farm agricultural operations.

Master growers are known to get the best out of it as they have the knowledge, skills, and efforts to deliver in the cannabis business. Although, it is worth mentioning that salaries and how much you can earn as a master grower will vary depending on your location. 

The Average Master Growers Salary

In the United States alone, a master grower working at an industrial cannabis farm can get an average salary of $120000 per year. Just note that it says averaged salary rate, which is probably a key in that statement since it can vary from many different factors, including location.

Different states and provinces can offer different salary rates. Some even offer higher rates, while others are depending on what the master grower can bring.

A master grower with years of experience can earn up to $250000 in California based on different records. Meanwhile, if you’re a master grower with minimal experience and based in Oklahoma, you can only make $75000.

The figure of $120000 is only average out among all the states in the United States. It can only mean that an expectation of reaching that $140k a year might either be unobtainable or considered to be a low standard.

It will only depend on where you live, your highest educational attainment, and your experience.

Getting The Best Master Grower Salary

When finding the best salary, expect that some really look for the education background and experience, which can be the most significant deciding factor. Here are some of the pertinent tips in making sure you maximize your income potential below:

  • The first one is that you need to show that you have ample experience and are qualified for the job position. An educational background in horticulture or agriculture will help.

    Any experience you have working at a commercial farm or previous jobs will give you an edge, regardless of your experience, as it is not directly related to cultivating cannabis plants.

  • It would help if you showed up looking like a professional and ready to work. Though any master grower enjoys sampling their product, it will be assumed that is no excuse to show up dazed and blazed.

    At the master level, growers are given many responsibilities, and you need to prove that you’re ready for that.

  • Interest is probably the key to getting the job as you need to show a lot of interest and knowledge in agriculture. Most of your interviewers will ask a lot of questions to demonstrate your knowledge and curiosity.

    Preparing to ask the right questions can make a huge difference between an OK interview over the one that leaves an impression.

Just remember that the interview with the hiring manager or agent will judge how much your worth will be. The more you can offer your experience, education, knowledge, and curiosity, the more you can get a higher salary for this position.

Training And Certification For Master Grower

When it comes to training or certification as a master grower, it will always depend on the full training or certification you have taken.

This will also involve the farm you are applying to, and if you are already at the level of the master grower, the odds are you will get the job. It will just be another drop in the bucket for you on your list of qualifications and skills.

It might be nice to have but not really essential, and if you are working up the ladder, you can take some extra courses on marijuana cultivation.

Comparison Between Master Grower To Other Jobs In Marijuana Business

Being a master grower, you are considered to be on top of the food chain of the cannabis industry. It is undoubtedly among the most respected jobs in the cannabis industry, and as mentioned above, it comes with a nice paycheck. However, it is good to know what your other options can be in a marijuana business. This way, you will be able to work your way up to the top to be the master grower:

Marijuana Harvester

Harvesters, most commonly known as trimmers, are probably entry-level jobs and do not necessarily command a high salary.

For this position, marijuana harvesters are responsible for harvesting and trimming the flowering bud from the grown marijuana plant. You can expect to get an annual salary between $18000 up to $30000 for this often physically demanded type of job.

Assistant Marijuana Grower

Being an assistant marijuana grower, you are working directly underneath a master grower, and this position needs to have the technical competence and have the skills.

You need to have at least a solid foundation and must have some fashion of education. Some hiring agents might need some experience and education in horticulture and agriculture. Some preferred to have at least a marijuana-related education.

Being an assistant marijuana grower, you are way up to the hierarchy compared to an essential harvester position. Your salary will start at somewhere around $32000 per year, and it can reach up to $60k – $70k with time and experience.

Marijuana Extraction Technician

These people are at the farm who mainly handle turning all cannabis raw products into their extract or edibles. There are vast levels of seniority within this field for this particular job role, and both education and experience can make a difference.

Extraction technicians are also known as concentrate makers or extractors. They are the ones responsible for turning marijuana plants into hashish, oils, and other given concentrates.

For educational background, you need to have at least a high school diploma or GED. Some dispensaries require their technician to have a degree in chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, natural sciences, or any related field.

An entry-level technician can expect to earn between $40000 up to $75000 per year. While on the other hand, a senior lead technician can make salaries on par with a master grower with a $150000 salary per year.

Dispensary Budtender

Being a dispensary budtender, you are not entirely in an entry-level position, and your primary role is to make a comfortable living working front end at a dispensary.

You need to be able to blend both knowledge, product familiarity, and excellent customer service. A budtender was derived from bartenders, and they serve on the frontlines of the industry. Usually, they act as consultants and guide customers through the process of buying what they want.

Most budtenders start somewhere around $25000 per year, but you can expect to raise it to $35000 as you gain more experience.

Most beginners can expect to get an $11 to $12 an hour, plus tips, while most salaried employees can have an average salary per year of $40000. It is one of those positions where you can be promoted both into and out of cannabis growers.

Dispensary Owner

In this position, you can expect to have a huge paycheck as you are the owner of the dispensary itself. Being a dispensary owner can be quite an intense job as it requires a lot of work and seriously long hours.

Yet, if you are confident of what you are doing, have a solid business plan, this is one position that will most likely give you a lot of cash. You can expect to earn anywhere from $250000 to over $2,500,00 per year, depending on your dispensary profits.

Bud Trimmer

Bud trimmers are known to be present during harvest season, and they are responsible for cutting down marijuana in many farms by hand.

Trimmers manicure the plants to remove most of the foliage and trim them properly down to the buds. When looking for an entry-level job and want to be in the marijuana business, this is where you will start.

No formal education is needed for this one, but you need to be clean and shou8ld always be organized and presentable. Expect to get paid per pound of how much-finished cannabis product you can trim. Other employers pay their trimmers about $12 up to $15 per hour.

Dispensary Manager

The dispensary manager is responsible for overseeing all the daily operations in many cannabis retail shops and dispensaries.

Their responsibilities mainly include everything from interfacing with different vendors and law enforcement to managing the inventory and product returns.

They are also responsible for hiring, training, and managing budtenders to ensure the best and safest products are being sold.

A bachelor’s degree is needed and preferred by many employers, though a high school diploma or GED will suffice as long as you have the management skills.

Retail or luxury goods experience will always be a plus, and you can make anywhere from $60000 to $150000 per year, depending on the dispensary profits.

Edibles Chef

These chefs use their culinary talents and marijuana knowledge to come up with some cannabis-infused recipes and edibles. This varies from gummy candies to sweets like lollipops, then to baked goods, and more.

To get this kind of job role, you need to have a background in cooking and baking, as you do most experiments with cannabis. But the main focus here, like any other marijuana-related job, is that you know the plant.

This is specifically true when dealing with edibles as it needs to have precise measurements for safe consumption. Producers have to control every dosage they put in many of their cannabis-infused foods.

However, chefs must also know state and municipal marijuana codes, which can change rapidly. You can expect to earn at least $40000 up to $90000 per year, depending on how inventive your edibles will be.


Many gardeners or growers are usually the ones responsible for overlooking the cultivation of all the cannabis plants. Each site has its own assistant growers that will check things like the nutrient and humidity levels.

These employees directly work under the supervision of a master grower who manages the facility’s daily operation and trains the crew.

A physical science or horticulture degree will be a plus for people planning to be in this position. You need to know strains and growing technologies such as lights, irrigation, and proper fertilization.

Most average growers earn $16 per hour depending on the dispensary profit and how the facility progresses.


To summarize, it is imperative to keep in mind that while there is money in the cannabis business for growers and other positions, it is best to find something you like and enjoy.

Not every job in the cannabis world will be for everyone, and if you are looking to tend a few plants in a small-sized grow, the world of master growers might not be for you. But if that is your passion and you want to earn money, this is the perfect job role.

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