Four Reasons Why Your Throat May Hurt When Using A Vape

Why Does Vaping Weed Hurt Your Throat?

Whether you’re a newbie to vaping or a seasoned veteran, you may notice that your throat gets soar after vaping. This sensation can be an annoying effect that can hinder the pleasure of vaping.

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It can be extraordinarily cumbersome when vaping with others since you’ll have to stop while others continue to vape without you. 

A sore throat after vaping can be frequent, especially if done incorrectly. There are a few reasons why vaping can cause a sore throat, such as:

  • Vape ingredients
  • Dry Hit
  • Vaping Style
  • Smoker’s Flu From Lack Of Nicotine

For these reasons, a sore throat is common. There are ways around experiencing a sore throat by vaping. These methods will help reduce the chances of getting a sore throat if followed correctly.

Some changes to the way you vape and how you handle it can help make it a pleasurable experience.

Vaping can be a fun and social way to interact with others or reduce the need for a cigarette.

It can also be more pleasurable for others around you since vaping smoke has less nicotine and a better smell. 

The Vape Ingredients Used Matter   

One of the first reasons why you may experience a sore throat while vaping is from the vaping juice ingredients.

There are varieties on the market, so it can be hard to decide which is quality and which is cheaply made.

Having a better understanding of what makes up vaping juice can help you have a better experience. 

Too Much Propylene Glycerol Can Dry Out Your Throat  

A type of ingredient commonly found in vaping juice is propylene glycerol (PG), which has drying properties. Some vaping liquids may have too much PG, which can cause a sore throat.

PG soaks up moisture, so too much can dry up the moisture in your mouth and throat.

Be sure to check the ingredients before buying a specific flavor or brand. This check will guarantee that you have a more pleasant experience. 

Test Drive Multiple Brands And Juices To Find The Right One For You 

A lower PG level may not mean that it will be better to vape than a higher one. While it can help, everyone is different.

A higher PG level may be excellent for your throat, while a lower one may also be better. You should try out various brands and liquids to see which you prefer.

You can also stay hydrated while vaping to help battle the dryness if you are partial to a specific flavor or brand. 

Why Does Vaping Weed Hurt My Throat?

When you try to vape without much liquid left, you may experience what is called a dry hit.

The juice is what vaporizes when you are vaping, so when there isn’t enough, you will feel a burn in your throat. Weed is a dry smoke as well, so you will experience similar sensations if you try to vape weed.

This sensation can resemble a sore throat, which isn’t the best feeling. You can prevent this by making sure you always have enough liquid in your vape. 

Don’t Let Your Vape Run Dry

Make sure to always check your vape before using it to prevent taking a dry hit. If you plan on smoking with others, make sure they have vaping liquid or pack extra yourself.

The more you vape, the more likely you are to predict when you will run out.

Then you can make sure to put more in so you won’t burn your throat. You can also check every so often after you’ve been vaping if you are newer to vaping. 

Make Sure To Hydrate After Experiencing A Dry Hit

If you are on the tail-end of a dry hit, then there are things you can do to alleviate the sore throat sensation. Make sure you hydrate right after to lubricate your throat.

You can drink water or juice to help ease the pain in your throat. You can also take a break from vaping for a bit before resuming to allow time for your throat to recover.

Pairing these two together will help you get back to vaping and not feel like you’re battling an illness. 

Your Vaping Style Could Be What Is Hurting Your Throat 

The way you are vaping can also be the cause of a sore throat.

Vaping can be similar to smoking because you need to get a certain rhythm down before it feels good.

A newbie to the vaping world can attest to coughing or feeling a sore throat after vaping the first few times.

As you get in better control of your inhale and exhale, you will find that vaping is more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Practice Without A Vape First

Focus on your breathing and harness inhaling and exhaling at different speeds and intervals.

Once you have a good handle on your breathing, you can then apply it to the vape smoke. You can also better control how far down the smoke travels down your throat and into your lungs.

Like cigarette smoke, you may not want it moving deep into your lungs, but rather keep it in your mouth and throat before breathing it out. 

Make Sure To Take Breaks Between Vaping

You want to make sure that you breathe in the air every few times while vaping.

This factor is why vaping can be a great social experience because you can chat with friends while waiting to resume vaping.

If you are vaping alone, just be sure to pace it out between breaks.

This method will help make your vaping experience more pleasant and make sure you don’t get a sore throat from too much vape smoke. 

You Can Experience A Sore Throat From Smoker’s Flu  

Another reason why you are experiencing a sore throat could be from a lack of nicotine. This sensation is common in smokers who move to vape as a way to quit cigarettes.

Often, you may feel like you have the flu, but it is a nicotine withdrawal symptom. This reason can be why it’s so hard to quit smoking, given that you feel better once you get more nicotine.

Just know that you can overcome these symptoms once the withdrawal symptoms pass. 

Keep A Water Bottle Nearby While Vaping

Unfortunately, if you are a smoker who’s turned to vaping as a better habit, you will have to give your body time. Withdrawal symptoms from nicotine can give you a feeling like a sore throat.

A way you can combat this feeling is to keep a water bottle nearby and to stay hydrated.

It will alleviate the sore throat feeling while allowing you to keep vaping to fight the withdrawal symptoms from a lack of nicotine. 

Stay Strong While Fighting Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine withdrawal can be uncomfortable. From a sore throat to full-blown nausea or migraines, withdrawal can be different for everyone.

More severe symptoms can be hard to deal with when trying to kick the habit at the same time. These symptoms can take a few weeks to even months to stop completely.

It will be a hard path to take, but it will be worth it when your symptoms halt, and you can quit smoking altogether. 

All in all, these are the reasons why you may be experiencing a sore throat while vaping. Be sure to stay hydrated and vape correctly.

You can promote a positive experience by controlling your breathing and what type of vape liquid you use.

Using these methods, you can stop getting a sore throat while vaping, and only reap the benefits instead. 

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