The Reasons Why Smell Proof Bags Actually Work

Smell Proof Bags

Not all people have the acceptance mindset regarding cannabis products, even though it serves for recreational or medicinal use. There are still many people who are prejudiced against people who grow, use, and sell cannabis.

That is why it is essential to keep nosy people out of your business and keep your weed discreet by storing it in a smell-proof bag.

Do smell-proof bags work? Yes, there are a lot of smell-proof bags that are available in the market across the country. Thanks to the activated carbon technology, these bags can mask the smell and contain it inside your bags, pouches, or containers.

In today’s post, you will learn more about smell-proof bags and the technology behind them. It’s also imperative to know how these specifically work in masking all the smells from your cannabis products.

What Is a Smell Proof Bag?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of bag where you can store and hide the smell of your cannabis products. This bag is specifically crafted to contain even the strongest odors, so for many cannabis connoisseurs, it is a must-have.

All the materials that compose smell-proof bags have the qualities and properties necessary to retain the odor inside.

From the interior lining to the bag’s exterior fabric, everything has these properties that will help do the job from the handle to the Velcro.

This is especially true with the interior lining, made from a special material that traps all the smell, preventing it from going out of the bag.

What Is Activated Charcoal and Where Does It Come From?

Activated charcoal is characterized as a black powder with wonderful particles made from coal, bone char, coconut shells, petroleum coke, peat, and olive pits.

You might be wondering what makes it “activated.” This happens because it has been processed at a very high temperature.

This procedure reduces all the charcoal’s pores and then expands its surface area. As a result, you get more pores compared to regular charcoal.

This particular porous texture allows the activated charcoal to attract gasses, trap them, and then neutralize them in case of foul odors. As for the inner lining found in most smell-proof bags, it traps the smell that is emitted by some of your cannabis or stash.

Why Should You Utilize a Smell Proof Bag?

When dealing with the proper storage of your weed, using a smell-proof bag is probably the best way to do so. But some people still have questions about whether they actually need it or can use a regular bag for their stash.

Even if you are not shy about this practice, there are many reasons why you need to carry smell-proof bags on the go. Here is why you should use a smell proof bag:

To Guarantee Your Safety

Weed and other cannabis products attract a lot of attention, and if your stash is not stored correctly, it can be noticed by many people. These people—whether they hate it or love it—can pose a danger to your safety.

You can get bullied, robbed, or even get beat up. Just remember that you cannot control what other people think or do to you. That is why it is best to keep your things as private and safe as possible by using smell-proof bags. 

To Comply With Regulations

There are still 17 states in the United States that consider marijuana to be illegal. If you live or work in any of these states, you need to comply with all the regulations.

It will be hard not to get busted when your car or bag reeks like a portable dispensary. If you want to avoid all these illegal apprehensions on the road or disciplinary sanctions from work, you need to use a smell-proof bag.

To Preserve the Potency and Freshness of Your Stash

Besides your privacy and complying with regulations, you also need to have smell-proof bags to keep your weed and stash fresh and potent. Weed that is exposed to air will degrade much faster and will become less potent over time.

If you want to keep your stash as strong as possible, you need to have proper storage, like an airtight bag. A smell-proof bag will be able to give you the comfort that your weed will remain in perfect condition for a more extended period.

How Do Smell Proof Bags Work?

There are many ways to lock in smells within a bag or pouch. There are also many misconceptions. One of them is to have an airtight herb jar, mason jar, or container to seal away all scents.

There are more effective methods to lock in all possible odors. One is to use activated carbon technology. This is because it does not rely on sealing in the air; instead, the activated charcoal absorbs all the smell present.

Many manufacturers use the highest quality of activated carbon lining that has millions of micro pockets. These micro pockets are responsible for concealing and trapping the smell.

They act like an odor-absorbing sponge. In addition, they are water-resistant and ultra-durable and have an outer protective layer that will keep your contents discrete and your house, office, and car feeling fresh.

Just be mindful that some generic brands and bags are advertised as smell-proof bags, but they don’t work in reality. Knowing the right brand of smell-proof bags is the perfect way to find the best out there.

Best Smell Proof Bags to Store Cannabis

A typical plastic bag will not conceal or trap the smell, and it is not the perfect choice for storing cannabis.

Many pot smokers use some smell-proof bags and containers to contain the smell. But at the end of the day, no matter how much they try, ventilation still happens, and it leaves their herbs dried out.

The better option is to find odor-proof and smell-proof bags. These are known to be purpose-built for cannabis storage, and they will allow your stash to stay fresh and potent.

Smelly Proof Bags

Smelly Proof bags live up to their name, as they are very good at making sure that they smell-proof your cannabis.

Not only are the bags are transparent, so you can see how much stash is left, but they are also made from an FDA-approved medical material. This material gets the work done.

They are nothing like the lunch baggies present in most dollar stores, as they are strong, durable, and backed by science.

Odorless Pocket Bag From Funk Fighters

Funk Fighters has been in the business for quite some time, and they have come up with something for legend-level pot smokers. The Odorless Pocket Bag is the answer, as it is big enough to carry all your stuff related to smoking.

These pocket bags are strong enough to carry quite a weight, and they will keep your goodies concealed and secured. This means that your pipes, lighters, and stash will remain completely covered. Plus, the aroma of your weed will be concealed.

Deadbolt Bags

If you are a heavy weed smoker, Deadbolt Bags will help you out. This is a triple-layered large-sized bag that is entirely smell-proof.

This means that even if you put your stash in a regular backpack, it won’t leak. Because of this bag’s construction, there’s no chance that any smell will be detected.

One helpful thing about this bag is that the air is completely sealed out of your stash, which means that corrosion and oxidation will not happen. As a result, your strand will keep its freshness and remain intact for you to enjoy later on.

The triple layering of this bag is puncture-proof, burst-proof, cold-proof, and even heat-proof. The tight concealment feature also keeps all the water out, so your smoke will be good.


Smell-proof bags work as long as you see active charcoal technology on their label. Many brands and bags offer this technology, as it is responsible for concealing and absorbing all the smell. If you are searching for the best bag on the market, make sure to check out what is listed above.

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