Butane Being Harmful With Improper Usage: Red Flags & MORE


Butane is known to be the most powerful and most popular fuel source around the globe. This substance is a flammable, colorless, and even odorless liquefied gas, and it can be a health hazard when used improperly.

Butane is known to be used to make hash and is considered one of the most controversial substances for marijuana usage.

Is butane harmful? Yes, improper usage of butane can lead to multiple health risks. It can also be a cause of many accidents, not only to yourself but also to others. It is also bad for your health, especially when inhaled, as it leads to pulmonary issues.

This article will tackle butane toxicity and how it correlates with butane hash oil.

BHO and Butane Toxicity

In 2021, approximately 23.1 million Americans over the age of 11 are abusing drugs and alcohol. A large part of these substance abusers are users of marijuana, which has been decriminalized and legalized in different states across the US.

What few don’t realize is that pot is available in more than one form that can be smoked through a pipe or a bong.

Butane hash oil, most commonly known as BHO, is a hash oil that uses butane to concentrate and extract the most potent compound in the cannabis plant.

A lot of people use it because they can easily acquire butane. After all, it is available everywhere. Using hash oils is becoming more and more popular, and it is the preferred method for many cannabis users.

Many people opt for it because it barely leaves a noticeable scent, and it can be transported easily and discreetly.

Meanwhile, some users prefer using hash oil because it is the most potent and has the highest THC content possible in just one hit. You can get a concentration of up to 90%, which is four times stronger than your usual joint.

Dangerous Territory

A common misconception among drug-abusing populations is that marijuana is safer than other substances. There are many proponents of the drug who brand it as being medicinal, and they mention that because it is legal, it must be perfectly safe.

To give you a comparison, alcohol has been legal for many years, but it is still not entirely safe, especially when abused. There is plenty of evidence that all cannabis products have addictive potential.

Statistically speaking, among those who use marijuana a minimum of 10 times a month, 7 to 8 percent are thought to meet the dependence criteria.

Not only do you have to worry about the side effects of marijuana, but you also need to consider the butane that is being used to produce concentrates.

It is among the most dangerous components involved in BHO. Other chemicals used to manufacture hash oils include isopropyl alcohol, dry ice, and even ethanol.

The biggest danger involved in manufacturing butane hash oil is that it has a risk of fire or even explosion. This is because butane is considered a highly flammable gas.

There are plenty of reports of explosions. The most common cause is the use of butane in a facility or building.

Red Flags of Using Butane

Marijuana alone can be the main reason for addiction for many people, but addiction to butane hash oil is imminent and can affect many.

From this point, an individual dependency will grow, and withdrawal might even set in if the person stops using it. This is where the cycle of addiction develops. Here are some of the signs of hash oil abuse:

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Neglecting responsibilities
  3. Fatigued and decreased inhibitions
  4. Short-term memory loss
  5. Poor concentration and impaired judgment
  6. Slurred speech and inability to keep on track with one’s schedule
  7. Reduced motor functions

Health Risks from Residual Butane Gas Inhalation

Many health risks revolve around butane and butane gas inhalation. There are many cases in which an individual has suffered burns from sucking the whole flame through his bowl.

Whether you are using a lighter or a dab-torch for your shatter, the blue flame can be toxic. This particular gas can have short-term and long-term effects on your health.

Short-Term Effects

Imagine that you are trying to keep one-hit lit so you can spark your lighter and suck the flame through. The flame goes out in the middle of the process, but you keep your finger down the button to continue to hit.

This is not a good idea. It’s bad for your health, as butane gas can enter your body through your respiratory system.

This means that butane gas can immediately enter your body’s bloodstream. While many cannabis users want to feel a little intoxicated, this chemically induced high coming from your butane is not the right way to get intoxicated.

It is so bad because one single instance of butane inhalation can be fatal due to the lack of oxygen in your red blood cells.

The lack of oxygen in your blood and tissue can lead to permanent brain or organ damage and many more complications. If you are not scared yet, other effects of butane inhalation can lead to seizures.

Chronic Effects

In terms of long-term effects, butane inhalation can produce, to some degree, liver damage and many organ failures. It can also interfere with the transportation of oxygen throughout your body.

By messing with the way your blood cells bind and release oxygen, butane can disrupt your homeostasis.


Overall, butane is a harmful gas, and it is not advisable for usage. One major takeaway from this is to try another way of consuming a cannabis plant that does not involve combustion.

You can always try edibles, but if you can’t, try to be more careful when sucking the flame through the last few flakes in your bowl.

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