This Is Why You Cough When Vaping

Why Do I Cough After Vaping Marijuana?

Some who vape may be surprised to find themselves coughing while they vape. Vaping is somewhat new, but it continues to grow in popularity for both marijuana and tobacco smokers.

There’s still much research to be done on vaping, but some believe it’s better than smoking, which is why it’s become so widely used.

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Smoking can cause coughing in several circumstances, but the most common is that irritants in the vape itself cause coughing. Another reason is that your body is trying to heal your throat after the vape has damaged the cilia. Dehydration can also cause coughing.

However, these are just a few of the more commonly known reasons that coughing can occur during or after vaping.

If you’re experiencing this symptom, keep reading, we have more information on those reasons mentioned, as well as some other reasons why you might be coughing when vaping.

Why You Cough When Vaping

From nicotine level to dehydration, the reasons for coughing while vaping are numerous, and in the section below, we will look at every reason in detail.

While some of the reasons may be remedied, others may be a signal that you may want to either change the way you vape or stop vaping altogether.

You’re New to Vaping

There is a technique to vaping, and if you’re new to vaping, there’s a good chance that you’re coughing because you just aren’t vaping correctly.

There’s a unique way to inhale when vaping, and the way you vape can vastly alter your vaping experience.

Let’s go over some tips to make sure that when you’re vaping, you are inhaling correctly. There are two ways to inhale when vaping properly:

Mouth to Lung Hit

The mouth to lung hit is best for either when you are using high nicotine, or you’ve got a small vape with a high resistance coil. It’s similar to the hit that users do when smoking cigarettes.

To do the Mouth to Lung Hit:

  • Draw vapor into your mouth and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Keep your mouth closed as you hold the vapor in your mouth.
  • After a second or two, open your mouth and breathe the vapor into your lungs.
  • Exhale normally after the vapor Is in your lungs.

Direct Lung Hit

Unlike the mouth to lung hit, the direct lung hit is best if you have a hefty vape with a low resistance coil. This hit will feel like breathing through a large straw.

To do the Direct Lung Hit:

  • Breathe the vapor straight into your lungs. Don’t hold the vapor in your mouth at all.
  • Exhale almost immediately.

It’s understandable if you’re not sure which inhalation method is best for you.

Reference the following guidelines to help you choose the right inhalation method:

  • 0-6 mg nicotine- Direct Lung Hit is best
  • 6-12 mg nicotine -Either hit will usually be fine
  • 12-60 mg nicotine – Mouth to Lung Hit is best

You’re a Former Smoker

If you’re a former smoker who recently switched to vaping, it’s not surprising at all that you are experiencing some coughing.

Smoking slowly destroys the cilia in your respiratory tract. Consequently, when you stop smoking and switch to vaping, those cilia start to grow back and trigger coughing.

Also, former smokers are often used to inhaling as if they are smoking (the mouth-to-lung hit), and they are using a low nicotine level or a hefty vape with a low resistance coil, coughing could be an issue.

Your Vape Juice Has a High Dose of Nicotine

Experienced vape users will tell you that different nicotine levels give different hit strengths.

A vape that has no nicotine will have less of a throat hit than a vape with juice that has a high level of nicotine.

The harder the throat hit, the higher the chance that you will experience coughing.

So if you are having a coughing issue, you can try decreasing the level of nicotine you use. Try an e-liquid with a 12mg or less of nicotine.

You may find that you are coughing less, or not at all, after changing the nicotine dose.

You Aren’t Adequately Hydrated

You may not have been aware, but vaping is dehydrating to the body. On top of that, the average person is not drinking enough water regularly.

If you are dehydrated, your throat can become dry and irritated. And if you add to that the physical burden of vaping, this could quickly jump-start a cough.

Of course, the best way to remedy dehydration at home is to drink the recommended eight glasses of water daily.

You could also keep a glass of water around when you’re vaping, just in case your throat needs a little lubrication while you vape.

You’re Using the Wrong Vape Liquid Flavor

It could undoubtedly be the vape liquid flavor that’s making you cough. Our reactions to different scents are unique-someone might love an e-liquid that smells strongly of menthol, while others are instantly bothered by the scent. Some might cough just from smelling e-liquid.

So, if you’re someone who is keener on subtle smells, try a vape juice that has a milder or fruity scent. You may find that the coughing goes away.

Irritants in Your Vape are Bothering Your throat

Many think that vape liquid is safe and won’t affect your health in any way, and this could not be further from the truth.

There are ingredients in vape liquid that can cause ill effects in people who vape.

One ingredient that is almost always present in e-liquid is propylene glycol, which is a synthetic substance that absorbs water. Some side effects of propylene glycol include irritation to the eyes and throat.

It could be that it’s the propylene glycol (PG) in your liquid that is making you cough. If this is the case, you’d be tasked to find a vape liquid that doesn’t contain PG, and this is not a hard task.

A simple internet search will reveal many companies that manufacture their e-liquid without propylene glycol or other irritating ingredients.

Some e-liquid brands that are PG free include:

  • Kind
  • KAIs Virgin Vapor
  • Cloud Ride

Why Do I Cough After Vaping Marijuana?

Not only is coughing familiar with vaping tradition e-liquid with or without nicotine, those who vape marijuana also experience coughing fits. There are several different reasons why you may be coughing when vaping marijuana.

THC Can Be an Irritant

The THC, as well as other cannabinoids, can induce coughing by irritating the throat. And if this is the reason for your coughing, there is an alternative in THC free marijuana liquid.

A simple Google search will show you companies that sell specialized liquid. If that doesn’t work, you may want to look into using edibles instead.

Your Lungs are Raw

Maybe it’s not the marijuana at all. If you’re a former smoker, it could be that the abuse of the cigarettes has messed up your lungs, making them more sensitive than those of the average person.

If that is the case, you may want to stop smoking altogether and give your lungs a break.

Your Lungs are Normal

Our lungs were designed to breathe air, not hot, dry, cannabis vapor. This could be irritating to the best quality lungs.

You can give your lungs the best chance of low irritation by making sure that your throat is lubricated before, during, and after vaping.

Stay hydrated during the day and drink extra water; if you begin coughing during vaping-it could help.

Your Lungs are Protecting Themselves with Mucus

If you are experiencing a wet cough, it could be that your lungs are protecting themselves. When the lungs are irritated, they may begin to secrete mucus, and coughing ensues shortly after.

The Verdict

While coughing during or after vaping is a normal reaction, it’s not necessarily a safe one.

The short answer to why you cough while vaping is that your body is upset about what’s being inhaled, and it’s reacting accordingly.

However, paying attention to what your body is telling you can help you remedy the coughing situation and help make your vaping experience an overall better one.

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