Smell Proof Bags And How They Work: Common Mistakes & MORE

Dogs Smelling Thru Bags

When it comes to marijuana, along with a wide range of other cannabis products, you might want to skip the talk of the town by just correctly storing them.

But with all the talk regarding smell-proof bags, many people still question if this can really work. Many trained dogs usually have a strong sense of smell, so having this test is one of their top priorities.

Can dogs smell thru smell-proof bags? Most smell-proof bags or containers do not let the smell escape through them. Even though dogs have an incredible ability to sniff any smell, they won’t be able to sniff through airtight containers or bags.

Here, you’ll be able to learn more about smell-proof bags and how it works towards trained dogs. It is crucial to know these and other ways to protect your stash from getting the attention you want to avoid.

Smell Proof Bags And How It Works

As many of you are aware, the scent of cannabis is quite impressive, and it can actually fill up your room even if you are not even smoking it.

To hide or conceal the smell, you need to store your stash in a jar or smell-proof protected pouches and a safe location. These smell-proof bags will keep all the intense aroma of herbs, or any dog treats inside.

Depending on your budget, you can buy some smell-protected pouches or containers to store your weed and mask its overflowing scent.

These bags are easily accessible through a physical store or even online. The key in all of these bags and pouches is that it uses an activated charcoal lining that traps all the odor inside the bag.

Some brands also offer a double Velcro enclosure or high-quality zipper to provide an extra layer of protection. Other bags use TPUC technology to provide some smell protection.

This technique is eco-friendly as it helps minimize carbon usage, but the effectiveness is slightly slower than activated carbon technology.

There are particular perks of going in for an airtight container as it does not let a flow of air in, and it creates a vacuum inside. This vacuum does not allow the scent to leave your bag or container, and it will prevent your stash from mildew and molds.

Can Dogs Smell Through Airtight Containers?

If you or any people you know have a dog or are in the position near a trained drug sniffer dog, it might be alarming. Some states consider marijuana to be illegal, and having possession can be punishable by law.

If you want to know whether a trained dog is picking up on a particular scent, you can check some of their body languages:

  • Ears raising
  • Sniffing around
  • Following a particular scent
  • Staying at the exact location
  • Alert position

Genetically speaking, a dog’s sense of smell is considered 1 million times better than humans. Humans only have 6 million olfactory receptors, whereas they have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to these dogs.

They can also erect some particular scent of a person and be able to trace their location. It is why many police are using dogs in detecting explosives, drugs, or even a person.

While cooking, many people can smell the combined aroma of the different dishes. But dogs can actually smell individual items you used in that recipe.

It is why if you think that masking the smell of herbs or dog treats with some other scent is possible, you need to think again.

No trick can guarantee you to fool a dog, but you can reduce the chances of getting caught. As mentioned above, smell-proof bags or containers do not let the smell escape.

As a result, many dogs won’t smell through some of these airtight containers or bags.

Some Common Mistakes Of Handling Herbs Or Weeds

When it comes to fooling another person in masking scent, it can be easy, but it is different if you try to fool a dog.

People commit some common mistakes while carrying their stash around. These mistakes can let the smell of weed linger around and reach your dog’s nose.

  1. First, if you utilize some cheap plastic containers or bags, the odor can quickly leave its porous surface. It might not be instantly, but it will surely leave these containers or bags over a long period.

  2. If you happen to keep the herbs in a container for a long time, they will develop some sort of a scent layer around them.

  3. When you store your weed or stash, the scent will be in your hand and will stand on the outer area of your container or bags.

Drug Dogs Versus Odor-Proof Bags And Containers

In the police department, usually, you can spot a trained dog that used to sniff around and check every package around it.

These dogs are actually trained to spot any explosives, drugs and are sometimes used to locate a person. But with different tests regarding odor-proof bags and containers, it looks like even the most trained dogs won’t even smell anything through it.

According to experts, the odor-proof bags in a controlled setting environment do work, and the argument that the dog did not indicate because smell-proof bags were used seldom wins.

When it comes to smell-proof bags in a controlled setting, many experts believed that there would be no contamination on the bags when you put marijuana using laboratory precautions.

There are some tests where they even put the smell-proof bags filled with marijuana in a car and ran a do around it. The results were that the dog did not indicate the odor of the marijuana.

Clever Tricks To Protect Your Stash from Dogs

Having a marijuana stash can be pretty impossible to hide from them, so this can pose a challenge. Dogs are incredible beings, and they are smart, so you need to have your sleeves up and think of more ways to trick them.

Here are some of the essential tips and tricks to protect your stash from dogs:

  1. The first thing you should do is buy and invest in many airtight containers or smell-proof pouches. These containers are made so they can create a vacuum inside, which does not allow airflow.

    As a result, it will restrict all aroma of your secret goods inside. It will keep all your smoking goods from them, and they won’t even smell it even with their fantastic sense of smell.

  2. Do not use any plastic containers. As a matter of fact, use a glass jar that is airtight to store all of your smoking materials. You can also opt for some smell-proof bags and pouches. Having a conventional plastic container has tiny pores that scent can easily pass through.

  3. You need to store your stash with the container of your choosing at a perfect height as dogs usually search at ground level. Then usually tend to sniff around the things which are at their maximum reach.

    If you find yourself wherein you need to hide your stash in your home, you need to store your stash in the highest place that you can think of.

  4. Having the proper extra care in storing your herbs will come a long way. You have to put some extra effort and freeze herbs and spices before carrying them. It is also advisable to use some foul to cover all of these frozen herbs and place them in an airtight container.

  5. Lead boxes are one of the few options that you can try, but it is worth mentioning that using lead is cancerous, so it should be avoided.

    But using a lead box, you can put your smoking goods in it. Lead does not allow the smell to pass through, but it can raise suspicion right away, and it will be hard to explain if it is found.

  6. Having smell-proof travel bags will come in handy, and they will give your items extra protection. For an added layer of secrecy, you can keep these smell-proof bags or airtight containers in a smell-proof backpack. These are perfect while you are traveling or carrying them wherever you go.


To sum it up, dogs have a really sharp sense of smell compared to humans, and this is why it’s tough to fool them. Using smell-proof bags or containers is one way of being imaginative when it comes to dogs, as they clearly can’t smell anything from it.

Here is a fair warning. You should not be bringing any kinds of drugs or marijuana to the airport, customs, or any other risky place. It is because you are only just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Try to be safe, avoid carrying such things, and save yourself from stress in your travels.

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