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Zaza Strain

For the past year or so, the term Zaza has been circulating. It could be a word you use often, or it could be held in the deepest recesses of your mind. Since most people are still unaware of this strain, here’s a post that might help you out.

What strain is ZaZa? Within the cannabis culture, there is still plenty of doubt about what exactly Zaza is. Rap culture and social media have helped to popularize Zaza. However, Zaza is most widely referred to as high-grade marijuana of the highest quality.

What is Zaza, exactly? Is it a generic word for marijuana or a particular strain? What is the rate, and where can I get some to try? Here is what you need to hear about it!

What Is Zaza Weed?

Many of you are familiar with the word Zaza. It has gained prominence as a result of rap culture and social media. Within the cannabis culture, there is still plenty of doubt about what exactly Zaza is.

Zaza is most commonly referred to as high-grade marijuana of the highest quality. But, you might wonder, where did the word Zaza come from? Allow me to tell you more.

The word Zaza comes from exotic, which means rare and expensive. Exotic became za-tic, which became za, and then Zaza.

A subset of rap culture believes in the adage, “If you have got it, flaunt it! Consider your favorite upbeat hip-hop hit. Why would marijuana be prohibited if references to diamonds, chains, money, jets, or something else luxurious? Zaza is nothing more than a continuation of this culture.

After Zaza became famous, dispensaries began creating strains and calling them Zaza. Dispensaries, after all, are corporations.

The term Zaza is trending, and people are unsure what it means. Some could sell a Zaza strain to cash in on the trend.

It is also possible that dispensaries are just paying homage to marijuana culture. If Zaza is a new slang term in the industry, why not name some strains after it?

Dispensaries are doing what they are doing, and some believe Zaza has a specific strain. However, most marijuana experts believe that Zaza applies to high-end marijuana rather than a particular cannabis strain.

Can I Get Zaza?

I understand what you are thinking: where can I get some Zaza? Is it something I can get at my dispensary?

Zaza typically refers to marijuana in its flower shape. As a result, Zaza is not available in Virginia because flowers are not sold in dispensaries.

But do not be bothered! Virginia lawmakers permit the selling of flowers in the state. Plus, they also passed a bill for recreational marijuana use.

Flower sales in dispensaries will not begin until later this year, and the recreational program will not be ready until 2024. So, you should expect you and Zaza to join forces.

On the bright side, it gives you ample time to pinch pennies. And once Zaza is available to you, you can stick to a budget.

Zaza Cost

Zaza is essentially a super-expensive weed. Many factors are affecting the total cost of marijuana at a dispensary, such as:

  • Quality
  • Season
  • Competition

However, depending on these factors, an eighth of marijuana will cost anywhere from $25 to $40. And for others, $40 is a little too much for an eighth.

Bear in mind that an eighth of marijuana is 3.5 grams. But it will vary depending on the strain of marijuana you want. Whether denser or fluffier, an eighth is just around 5-7 buds at the end of the day. Hence, a lower price point is more appropriate for an eighth.

On the other hand, Zaza is a bit more irrational because it is a top-shelf weed. To be called Zaza, marijuana must be significantly more costly than the average cost of marijuana at a pharmacy. An eighth of Zaza will cost anywhere between $50 and nearly $100.

Zaza: Exotic Weed

Zaza, or exotic, is a generic term for rare, high-grade cannabis strains. In March of 2020, the word Zaza marijuana became popular in Google searches. But searches would often lead you to lyrics from rap songs.

Cannabis Strains Qualify As Exotic

Exotic weed is a subjective concept, but it is simple to know which strains are not exotic. Here are examples of well-known marijuana strains.

  • Blue Dream
  • Zaza
  • GG #4
  • Sour Diesel
  • OG Kush
  • Montana Silvertip

Exotic cannabis strains are the most recent and exciting cannabis genetics to enter the market. They are far from exotic due to their broad distribution. Many of these strains are still crucial in the industry.

1. Strain Names

Strain names alone do not make cannabis strains exotic. The names of common exotic strains are often associated with delectable treats. It might seem ridiculous, but the name of a strain may influence whether or not it becomes a popular one.

The names of these strains also resemble a dessert menu. Cannabis-infused cookies, ice cream, cake, tiramisu, creme brulee, shortcake, biscotti, and pie are typical desserts.

When it comes to eating new flavors, you can easily compare it with something that already tastes good. A mimosa or a slice of ice cream cake also exists, which will help customers make buying decisions.

2. Genetics Quality

It all starts with genetics when it comes to exotic cannabis. Producers all over the West Coast and beyond are snatching up seed packs from cutting-edge geneticists.

Here are a few significant portions of the most common cannabis strains on the market:

  • Exotic Genetix
  • Jungle Boys
  • Cookies Fam
  • Seed Junky
  • DNA Genetics

The best breeders are distinguished by the consistency and efficiency of their strain genetics. Farmers worldwide are using these genetics to reproduce excellent outcomes in various operations.

These genetics stand out in a variety of situations. They go from being grown outdoors, indoors, with different soils and grow mediums, and in dramatically different conditions. But everything is all about demonstrating how important stable genetics are.

3. Exclusivity

Many of the most common are challenging to come by particular cannabis strains. Each market creates and releases its sought-after goods.

California has the Cookies Fam genetics under control. Meanwhile, the rest of the world keeps track of the strains that have won all of California’s competitions.

Tiny, limited-time batches of solventless distilled flavors are released by Washington growers, including Skord Marijuana and TreeHawk Farms.

These flavors are sold at a small number of retail stores and usually are more costly than the regular menu.

Exclusiveness generates a desire that makes customers pay attention, whether it’s a craft cannabis flower or concentrate.

It adds prestige to exotic cannabis strains as you can only get this particular flower in this state. Some can only even try the flavor once in a lifetime.

Popular Exotic Cannabis Strains

  1. The Zaza  – When you cross Blue Dream with Rare Darkness #1 genetics, you get the Zaza. This ingeniously called strain leans heavily toward the indica end of the continuum.

    It causes calming effects that gradually sink deeper into the body. Blueberry and fruit flavors mingle with subtle lemon, pine, and diesel notes to create these results.

  2. Llati – This designer alternative, which combines gelato and biscotti, has a lovely balance of gas and sweet minty flavors.

  3. Runtz – Runtz strains are among the Cookies Fam brand and come in white and pink varieties. Rappers enjoy this terpy strain family because of its special flavor profile.

The Difference Between Cannabis And Exotic

The mark of exotic weed varies depending on the venue and audience. Almost anything with a high THC content and colorful trichome crystals would seem exotic to a novice. However, Zaza, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer are not historically associated with the term.

The name alludes to roots in the tropics or the Middle East. But for many, it’s just a marketing term. It is for a group of ambiguous but potent strains whose true lineage is unknown to the dealer.

An exotic strain, maybe a fruity Sativa to a dark purple indica. But the term generally refers to a top-shelf strain that is uncommon for the area and has apparent results.

Popular Exotic Cannabis Breeders

Seed Junky Genetics

If you have ever smoked Cookies weed, you have almost certainly inhaled a Seed Junky Genetics. Cookies have an exclusive line of strains from Seed Junky called The Mintz. The Mintz is where you will find rare options like the Soap strain.

Skort Marijuana is a Washington-based grower specializing in Seed Junky strains such as Hidden Pastry. They also produced the Wedding Cake strain, which has become one of the most common exotic cannabis strains.

Exotic Genetix

Exotic Genetix is a Washington-based breeder whose cultivars have flooded the market. He has his line with Green & Gold Brands.

Also, he has his line with Green & Gold Brands. Other top-tier growers have grown Exotic Mike’s strains such as Bacon’s Buds and Mother Earth Farms.


To summarize, exotic or exotic marijuana is a slang word for high-potency cannabis common in hip-hop and street culture.

It’s also known as Zaza, which implies that there isn’t a single strain. Researchers are still studying more information about the flavors and effects of ZaZa.

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