The First Person to Smoke a Blunt: You Won’t Believe Who It Was

Smoking a Blunt

Blunts have been associated with cannabis for at least two decades, and many rap and hip-hop artists are the ones who have made it even more popular.

There are many versions of the history of the blunt, and when it comes to who created it and when the journey can be hazy.

People do not have enough documentation when it comes to weed and blunts.

Who was the first person to smoke a blunt? Most people believe that these were the first people to smoke a blunt, but many people in the U.S. believe that Bushwick Bill smoked the first blunt. It is believed that smoking blunts originated in the Caribbean region.

Read on to learn more about smoking blunts in general and the history of the blunt.

Among the answers you will acquire from this article include who was the first person to smoke a blunt and what is the city where you can easily find blunts.

Let’s get into today’s post as we grow your knowledge about this cigar.

History of Smoking Weed

When it comes to smoking weed, people have been doing so for over two millennia.

Some researchers reported further evidence of ritual cannabis smoking in the archaeological record.

This evidence comes from stone-filled braziers unearthed in different tombs in the Jirzankal Cemetery in the Pamir Mountains of China.

Researchers found that the preserved 2.500-year-old braziers have some cannabinol traces, which form after THC comes in contact with the air.

As you might have guessed, THC is known to be the most potent psychoactive agent in marijuana.

This revelation was published in the Scientific Advances, indicating that people in this region of China smoked marijuana during burial ceremonies.

In a way, this was their ritual for communicating with the dead, and it is strong evidence of people getting high on marijuana.

Many experts found skulls and bones with signs of fatal cuts and breaks in this cemetery.

This could be a sign of human sacrifice. Also, experts found a harp, a musical instrument, in ancient funerals and sacrificial ceremonies.

This led them to conclude that there was a burial ritual and that smoking marijuana played a role in commemorating the dead.

Many experts believe that the image of funerary rites included flames, rhythmic music, and hallucinogenic smoke.

This could guide people into an altered state of mind without directly smoking.

They also found that ancient Chinese people were not into recreational drug use but regarded the substance as a spiritual practice.

They ushered the dead into the afterlife and helped the living commune with the dead’s deities.

The First Person to Smoke a Blunt

The ancient Chinese people might have been the first to start smoking weed or blunts indirectly, but people still have no idea who first smoked the blunt when it came to the U.S.

If you look into the deep history of how a blunt came about in this country, you can hypothesize that people from the Caribbean region might have been the first ones, as they brought it here.

However, according to one of the weed saints, Snoop Dogg, Bushwick Bill was the first person to smoke a blunt.

Bushwick Bill hailed from Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn with a large Black and Latinx community.

Some people there are from the Caribbean, while others are from all over Central and South America.

Blunt culture is prevalent in Brooklyn, and there is not a bodega in all of Bushwick’s four-and-a-half-mile stretch that does not have some blunt wrap or even a “fronto” on offer.

It became huge, with many people starting to use cannabis.

Blunts Are a Big Deal in New York City

When it comes to blunts, you can get one in every store or bodega in New York City.

There is not just an affinity for particular cigars like Backwoods or Swisher Sweets, as the price hike has some cultural significance to the New York cannabis community.

Many people are talking about it in all kinds of media, and you can pretty much tell that you have to smoke a blunt from a specific area.

This is not just because a blunt provides an extra rush of tobacco from the cigar paper or the thicker composition of the paper burning weed at a slower rate.

It has something to do with its communal aspect for many smokers, and much of that community comes of Caribbean descent.

Statistically speaking, in the 1990s, there was an increase in population consistent with many Caribbean foreign-born residents.

New York City’s Dominicans, Jamaicans, Haitians, and people from Trinidad and Tobago increased by 20.8%.

This wave of Caribbean immigrants brought pieces of their culture, including their rich cigar smoking culture.

It also influenced the music industry, including rappers rapping about blunts.

Most of them smoked in their careers and music videos. As a result, weed culture prevailed in the big city, and as many children of Caribbean immigrants came of age, they were influenced by both their heritage and pop culture.

To them, blunts became not just the preferred method of cannabis intake but more of a communal aspect of staying in touch with your roots.


There might not be enough details about who smoked the first blunt, but the knowledge gap lets people think that cannabis culture history is essential.

Knowledge of the history of cannabis helps one better understand the act itself and the underlying culture and communal aspect of staying in your roots, upbringing, and community.

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