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Should Cannabutter Be Dark?

Hemp is appealing to smokers and people in the food industry. Not only does it taste good when cooked correctly, but it is also beneficial!

Using the color results of your end product, you can tell if the cannabutter is good or not.

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Should cannabutter be dark? A good cannabutter should be yellow and not dark. But regardless, the color has no connection to the potency of your edibles. Rather, it’s a sign of the cooking time.

In this article, I will give you tips on achieving a tasty, yellow-colored cannabutter.

Cooking Cannabis

Before starting to cook cannabutter, you must know two important things. The first thing is the correct cannabutter color.

The second is the cooking time.

Some people think that a greener cannabutter is better than a yellow one, which is not true.

Nuclear-green cannabutter will not necessarily have a stronger effect and higher potency. It only means that the butter has been overcooked.

When you overcook the butter, it will release a large amount of chlorophyll into the butter.

This will make the butter green instead of yellow. The color of the butter has nothing to do with its effect and potency.

The color of your cannabis-infused butter is simply an indication of your cooking time.

Darker or greener cannabutter will have a bitter taste and indicates that you’ve burnt the butter.

The correct cooking time is 2 to 3 hours.

Tips for Good Cannabutter

You can’t make cannabis-infused butter with raw cannabis. Mixing raw cannabis into butter restricts the cannabinoids to bind to fat.

It is essential to first activate the cannabinoids in your cannabis before mixing it with other recipes.


You must first decarboxylate the buds to activate the THC and CBD.

The THCA in marijuana starts to decarboxylate at 220°F after 35 minutes of exposure. Fully decarboxylating the cannabis requires more time.

If you want to reserve terpenes, you can decarboxylate cannabis at a lower temperature.


Gently filtering the cooked product with cheesecloth can give clarity to your cannabutter.

Instead of squeezing the cheesecloth, let the gravity do the filtering.

Straining patiently will enable the best oil to pour through the cloth and keep the cannabutter from having many plant materials.


You can use tools to emulsify the product and avoid uneven distribution. This will work best in powder form.

Sunflower and soy lecithin are two of the best choices for emulsifiers.

Even distribution is vital, especially when dealing with mass supply.

You won’t like it when hemp settles in one place and butter in another.

Ratios and Measurements

It is essential to follow the advised ratios and measurements.

If you’re selling your cannabutter, you will want to maintain the exact ratios and measurements to give your consumers the same taste.

This will leave your customers wanting more of your butter.

Cannabutter Storage

Storing cannabutter is also a big factor in keeping your edible safe and fresh to eat.

Use a tightly-sealed jar for your edibles, and store them in a cool and dry place.

Freezing is the best way to store cannabis.

Ensure that the jar does not have any tiny holes or spaces, which would let mold into your cannabutter.


Good cannabutter should not be dark. Cannabutter should have a nice yellow color.

Although color won’t affect your edibles’ high and potency, it will affect the taste of it.

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