Which Is Healthier: Bong Or Pipe?

Is Using a Bong Healthier Than a Pipe?

There is a big chance that you have read or heard about bongs before and are wondering if this is the healthier approach for you.

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Many smokers are aware that combusting marijuana produces different compounds that can be very harmful to the body. Usually, pot is smoked in joints, but some studies show that using bongs might be a healthier approach. 

Is using a bong healthier than a pipe? No, smoking using a bong is still smoking. It will have a long-term effect on your body, especially your lungs. However, using a bong is much better than using a hand pipe.

For those who are planning to use bongs for smoking, this article will provide the information that you need to decide whether or not it is a good idea to do so.

I will also be discussing smoking using bongs as well as the debate over whether a bong is a healthier option than a pipe. Aside from that, you will learn some of the ways to improve your bong experience.

The Root of the Debate

Bongs use water to filter and cool the smoke from the burning of dried cannabis herbs. If you are smoking and inhaling this smoke, you will be able to taste and feel a much cooler and smoother hit compared to a regular pipe or a cigarette.

While there may be different opinions about bongs, many people prefer to use them instead of hand pipes.

There are plenty of names for bongs, depending on your area. It can be called a bubbler, binger, or even a billy.

However, you can be sure of one thing: A bong is a water pipe used to smoke cannabis, and it has been around since old times. The word “bong” comes from “baung,” which is a bamboo tube used for smoking weed.

Today, you will find a lot of bong variations, in different shapes and sizes, though they all rely on one basic process.

How Does Bong Water Filtration Work?

When you light your dry herbs in a small bowl piece and inhale the stuff through the mouthpiece, the smoke is pulled through the water in the bong before it enters your body.

The smoke travels through the water inside and is forced into small bubbles. This process is responsible for cooling down the smoke. Because the surface area of the smoke is increased, the smoke cools down immediately.

This type of filtration is a huge benefit because it makes smoking easier for your body, especially your lungs. Some bongs allow you to add ice cubes to cool down the smoke further.

Aside from that, if you have a bong with a higher number of percolators, you will be able to produce better smoke cooling and filtration.

One key in bongs that makes a huge difference compared to pipes is that bongs have water. Water helps filter out larger particles that you would typically inhale if you were using a traditional pipe.

Interestingly, some people hate the taste of burnt ash in their mouths, so water can help them clear out those nasty tastes. Water also filters the butane from your lighter, as well as the ash and tar from the smoke itself.

Does a Bong Offer a Healthier Option?

When it comes to smoking marijuana, a bong is preferred by many because it can give you a smoother toke compared to rolled paper. Bongs have water that can eliminate the dry heat you get from normal joints. The effect it makes is described as cool, creamy, and smooth rather than harsh.

However, this kind of effect can be deceiving. While the smoother smoke might feel a little better to your lungs, you are still smoking, and that smoke is filling up your lungs.

Many have argued that while only a small amount of bad stuff gets filtered, it is still enough to make a big difference.

As a result, a lot of people debunk stories claiming that bongs are safer.

The Harmful Effects of Bongs

In layman’s terms, yes, smoking with bongs can be harmful to your body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that smoking is harmful to your lung health, regardless of what you are smoking, because of the carcinogens released from the materials’ combustion.

Smoking marijuana can harm your healthy lung tissues and can scar and damage your small blood vessels.

Inhaling deeply and holding your breath when smoking can increase your exposure to tar every time you breathe.

For starters, bongs are used to get more smoke into your lungs while also making smoke more pleasant in the process of inhaling it. As a result, many people overdo it when using a bong, which is not healthy.

Another risk that you should keep in mind is related to the use of plastic bongs. Plastics contain chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which are scientifically proven to be harmful to your body.

Things to Consider When Using a Bong

Everything is good in moderation, so if you can’t force yourself to stop smoking, you can at least do it minimally. You should perform proper maintenance on your bong before using one.

You need to keep it clean and change your water frequently. If your bong contains dirty water, it can produce a nasty taste and it won’t filter properly.

Plus, cleaning your bong is a healthier approach to ensure that you and your friends can enjoy a good session of smoking. It is also important to mention that finding the perfect material for your bong is key.

A lot of smokers recommend using glass bongs, as they are much better than plastic or metal ones. Glass eliminates the transfer of harmful chemicals to your body during the heating process.

Ways to Improve Your Bong Experience

It might be counterproductive to say that there are ways to enjoy bongs, given that it is not good for your health. However, if you don’t plan to stop smoking anytime soon, you might as well find some ways to improve your overall bong experience.

Plastic or metals can easily transmit dangerous chemicals to your lungs when smoke using a bong. The reason is that the heat can cause the material to release harmful toxins that are not good for the body.

Plastic bongs might be cheaper, but if you value your health, it is worth investing in a higher-quality glass model.

For a better smoking experience, the key is water. Always make sure that the water in your bong is clean, to get better results. Any type of chemical present in the water can affect the overall taste of your hit.

Also, some chemicals, like chlorine, can be dangerous to your body if you inhale them. This is why it is essential to clean your bong before and after you use it.

Other Healthy Alternatives

A bong might not be a healthier alternative for smoking, as you are, in fact, still smoking when you use it. If you are concerned about its repercussions, you might want to check out vaporizers.

A lot of individuals consider this to be one of the healthiest ways to consume dry cannabis. The idea is that instead of combusting the dry herb to create smoke, a vaporizer is responsible for heating the product to release its beneficial compounds.

The only downside is that a vaporizer can be on the expensive side. This is why there are still smokers out there who want a smooth, cool hit from a bong. It is also recommended for some people to use a hemp wick.

A hemp wick is a thin string made from beeswax and hemp, and it has become a popular alternative to butane lighters.


To summarize, a bong can give you cool and filtered smoke for a smoother toke. It will also give you a less harsh feeling compared to a rolled joint. However, using a bong is still a form of smoking and you are jeopardizing your health for it.

If you are using cannabis for some medical or recreational purposes, many experts recommend looking for other means of getting it inside your body. You might want to check out CBD sprays, capsules, oils, or even edibles like gummies.

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