Everything You Need To Know About Smoking Resin

What Is Resin?

If you are a new grower or user of cannabis, you are probably not familiar with resin. Most people have been in contact with resin but know nothing about it. For starters, resin is used to create hash.

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What is resin? Resin is used to describe the byproduct that stays at the sides of a bong. The majority of smokers say that smoking resin is not safe. If you decide to smoke resin, you are either out of bud or you just want to break down.

As you read this article, you will learn more about resin and its side effects in smokers.

Ways to Smoke Resin

If you wish to know resin’s psychological effect, read on. You will also learn about some ways to smoke resin.


Using a pipe helps to lessen the harshness of the smoke created by resin. You can mold and roll your resin and then stuff it in a cigarette or pipe and smoke away.


You can also smoke resin in a joint, but this is not the best method. The resin burns more easily than bud and is compact. This means air can’t flow through the joint, which will give you a bad smoking experience.


Surprisingly, smokers have claimed to have successfully made a tea with resin, which leads to an intense high feeling.

However, throwing up now and then is bound to happen. If you have a weak stomach, I don’t suggest using this method.


Remember that resin burns at higher temperatures than THC, which means you have to crank up the fire.

Before you do this, ask yourself if the experience is worth the chance of burning your vaporizer.

Scraping Resin

Remember that not all pipe materials are the same. You are advised to wear gloves so that the resin won’t come into contact with your skin or clothes. You can use bobby pins, a lighter, or parchment paper to scrape off the resin.

Facts About Resin

Compared to buds, resin contains much less THC. While resin could still make you high, it won’t provide the same effect as cannabis. The majority of smokers are against resin; some also say that this is safer.

The question of whether smoking resin is safe is complicated. Resin contains tar, which is bad for you. As you know, tar is a dangerous substance for the lungs, as it can coat the cilia.

Some enjoy smoking resin, but this is still subjective. Smoking resin produces a terrible aftertaste and bad odors. For sure, this will give you an unpleasant smoking experience.


Overall, I would not recommend smoking resin. It may get you high, but the risks to your health and your smoking equipment are not worth it. Resin is unhealthy and very unpleasant to smoke.

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