Dosage Rules For Edibles | Starting With 2.5 to 5mg or Less

10mg Of Edibles

Cannabis edibles have grown in popularity as more people recognize the benefits of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

While it may be simple to consume cannabis, you have to consider some factors for a safe experience. Regarding cannabis edibles, there are dosing guidelines.

Is 10mg enough edible? While individual tolerances vary, experienced users should be able to get by with a 10mg edible. If you are a first-time or low-tolerance user, though, you should start with 2.5 to 5 mg or less.

Before chowing down on whatever dank delight takes your fancy, you should think about a few things. I will get to the fascinating science of edible dosage in a minute, but first, let me talk about you.

How Do Edibles Work In Your Body?

Experiences with cannabis, whether they smoke it or eat it, are essentially the same. However, how they consume the plant affects how THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is processed by the body.

And this has an impact on everything. It impacts you from how long the weed takes to kick to how powerful the high is.

When you eat or drink something edible, your body has to digest it. It enters the body through the stomach, travels through the intestines.

In the end, it will break down once it reaches the liver and into the bloodstream. That implies the full impact can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to feel.

The effects of edibles may vary greatly depending on the individual. Someone who weighs 90 pounds will most likely experience the effects stronger than someone who weighs more.

There are a variety of tolerance levels. Some people can get by with 5 mg of THC, while others require 500 mg.

The liver converts THC in the body differently than the lungs do. A molecule can be up to 10x more psychotropic than THC smoking.

The amount of THC you take is the most crucial element in how high you can become. However, ingesting cannabis can intensify the high.

What Impacts The Edibles High

Cannabinoid Content

The type and amount of cannabis in the edible have an impact on how you feel. An edible containing high quantities of THC, for example, promotes euphoria, relaxation, focus, creativity, and pain-relieving intoxication.

Some users, however, may be more susceptible to the side effects of cannabis. You would know if you are having side effects if you experience the following:

  1. Altered time perception
  2. Poor coordination
  3. Intense anxiety
  4. Short-term memory loss
  5. Rapid heart rate

Some people refuse to be intoxicated by THC. They would often choose an edible that is mostly CBD. CBD does not cause euphoria or intoxication. Instead, the cannabinoid has calming and energizing benefits.

People who suffer from anxiety prefer CBD as a treatment for their suffering. CBD does relieve stress while giving you low side effects.


Several factors influence the reaction of people when consuming edibles. Metabolism is one of the most crucial aspects. Someone with a higher metabolism, for example, may notice the effects of THC in edibles faster than the average person.

Empty VS. Full Stomach

Another factor influencing an edible high is whether or not you have eaten before consuming an infused edible.

Due to the powerful and unpredictable effects, I do not advocate consuming cannabis edibles on an empty stomach, especially first-time users. You do not have to eat a big dinner, but you should have something in your stomach, even if it is only a snack.

Store-Bought VS. Homemade Edibles

You can cook or bake edibles at home. You can also buy pre-packed ones. Depending on the edible baking or cooking, homemade versus pre-packaged delicacies might provide diverse experiences.

Homemade edibles may not produce the same level of precision as edibles created with commercial technology and techniques. To be state-compliant, edibles makers must make edibles that contain a specific range of cannabinoids.

Establishing the potency per serving while producing edibles at home is challenging. It is crucial to distribute the cannabis oil or butter in equal amounts throughout the edibles.

Correct homogeneity is ensured by thoroughly stirring the cannabis into the combined materials. The effects of handmade edibles are less predictable than those obtained from a licensed dispensary.

Dosage Rules For Edibles

10mg Rule

Experienced cannabis users have a saying: You can always eat more, but you can never eat less.

If you are a first-time or low-tolerance marijuana user, stick to strains with lower THC content. Instead of starting with a 10 mg dose, start with 2.5 to 5 mg (or less). If the THC level is high, you should lower your intake.

If you are used to eating infused treats, a 10 mg dose of cannabis treats should be no problem. Wait for an hour or two before taking another 5 mg or 10 mg dose if you want to have more.

When you have already ingested 10 mg of THC, it is advisable to take a lesser dosage.

Chefs that specialize in edibles know how to balance the effects of THC by incorporating CBD into the menu. Combine a few CBD gummies with your THC gummies to get the best of both worlds.

Products with a 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio may have a more balanced impact, reducing the side effects of THC. However, over intake of these goods can have harmful consequences.

Other Dosage Rule

When purchasing cannabis edibles, it is crucial to read the bottle label and instructions carefully. If a chocolate bar or brownie has 80 mg THC, do consume it all at once.

Only have a tiny bit (5 mg or 10 mg) at a time and save the rest for later. Do not be a glutton for punishment!

Getting Started With Edibles

Start Low And Go Slow

Maybe you are part of the new green movement, or you may have been smoking since before computers. If you are new to edibles, I always advise erring on the side of caution. For newcomers to edibles, this is the slogan.

However, most edibles include 50 milligrams of THC per package. I recommend consuming a single dose of 5 milligrams per day.

When it comes to getting high, 5mg may not be enough for some, especially for seasonal users. But some users have a very low tolerance for edibles, making 5mg too much for them.

For those people who are new to edibles, we recommend splitting the initial dose in half. Allow two hours for your body to consume and absorb the edibles before considering eating more. Over time, you will learn how long it takes for things to take effect.

Finding the ideal digestible dose will take some time, but the relief you will experience will be well worth the effort. You may take 2.5mg of THC every morning or a gram of 1:1 RSO every day. Many cancer patients do this. You’re the one who can determine what your body requires.

Know Where To Shop

Before you start shopping, know the rules. For example, in California, it is now legal for individuals 21 and up to possess cannabis.

However, under Proposition 64, they can only carry a maximum of one-ounce cannabis. Also, they still need a recommendation from doctors for medical marijuana until recreational marijuana sales.

Only purchase cannabis edibles from legal cannabis businesses in your area. Before bringing a product home, read the label carefully to learn about the potency and other ingredients. Reading everything on the label will help avoid any bad reactions.

When you are ready to sample your cannabis edible, do so in a secure location and with a trustworthy companion. If you are new to cannabis and consume too much, you may feel paranoia, nausea, and even minor hallucinations.

Consumers should look for products containing 10 mg of THC or less in what will soon be required serving amounts. They should always follow the start low, go slow mantra.

Prepare Your Space And Body

If you are in the mood for cannabis, eat a well-balanced meal and drink plenty of water before consuming edibles. It’s not ideal for eating a cannabis edible on an empty stomach. It can result in a much stronger effect than you expect, as well as a terrible experience.

Additionally, if you do not notice any effects after a few hours, do not ingest any more edibles. It might take three hours or longer to feel the benefits of edibles. Keep that in mind, and do not consume too many at once.

You may not get the benefit you desire after your first doses. But again, do not consume another edible within the day. Wait at least one day before increasing your dosage significantly, such as from 10mg to 15mg.

Take Precautions

CBD can counteract the effects of THC. You may start feeling greened out, or your edible experience begins to deteriorate. In that case, having a dose of pure CBD can help you negate the effect of THC.

If you are with a friend, they can assist you to keep your balance if you start to feel ill or uneasy. It is best to try edibles for the first time when you do not have any plans for the day.

For example, taking cannabis edibles for the first time a few hours before your shift at work is good. However, doing it at home in the company of friends who disagree with edibles is not.

Use An Edibles Dosing Chart

THC Dose: 1 – 2.5 mg (For first-time users and microdosing users.)


  • Mild pain
  • Inflammatory,
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improved concentration and creativity

THC Dose: 2.5 – 15 mg (For patients who have trouble sleeping or have symptoms that a lower dose cannot resolve.)


  • Moderate pain
  • The inflammatory and anxiety relief
  • Increased euphoria
  • Mild impairment in motor skills and perception         

THC Dose:15 – 30 mg (For regular users, medical patients who have a THC tolerance, and experienced users who have sleep problems.)


  • Strong euphoria
  • Moderate impairment in motor skills and perception

THC Dose: 30 – 50 mg (For high-tolerance users and those with a gastrointestinal system that is compromised.)


  • Strong euphoria
  • Significant impairment in motor skills and perception

THC Dose:50 – 100 mg (For patients with severe symptoms and illnesses such as cancer and inflammation. Also for seasoned and high-tolerance users.)


  • Very significant impairment in motor skills and perception
  • Increase the risk of side effects, including fast heart rate, pain, and nausea.

Do Not Mix With Alcohol

It may be tempting to consume both, especially in social situations. However, I do not recommend mixing alcohol and cannabis unless you have prior cannabis experience.

What To Do If You Overindulge THC

Here are some techniques for balancing things out if you find yourself higher than you intended or want to be.


It is beneficial to flush your system by drinking plenty of water. Sugary liquids will help boost your blood sugar levels and make you feel less high.

Eat Something

Eating anything fatty, in particular, will help slow down the digestion of THC in your system. If you experience extreme highs, it will also lessen the effects.

Chew Black Peppercorns

Chewing peppercorns can help you cope with the anxiety and paranoia that comes with too much THC.

A terpene present in pepper, beta-caryophyllene, binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and has a soothing effect. Terpenes may be unfamiliar to you, so get to know about them and what they can do for you.


It is easy to become stressed or even panic when you’re higher than you want to be. It is, however, extra special if you’re new to cannabis. Know that you’re safe; there’s nothing physically harmful going on.

Find a quiet, dimly lit area and relax for a while. You’ll be able to sleep it off and wake up slightly foggy but otherwise well.


If you’re doing edibles for the first time, use the dosage chart as a starting point. In the end, it’s better to remember the adage of starting low and going slow to have a good time.

I recommend buying from licensed stores near your area for a safer experience. Most homemade edibles often do not have consistencies for each edible, which will give you a bad experience.

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